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Matt Cole

10:12 AM, 18th November 2017, About 4 years ago

Property118 Founder Sends Open Letter To Chancellor Philip Hammond

Hi Mark,
I'm in general agreement with Lindsey and Alex but fully appreciate the amount of times you have banged the drum on S24.

The situation for many very small portfolio landlord's (1-4 properties) is that there just isn't the spare cash to sometimes refinance never mind financing the efforts to become a company! Many of us (myself included) dont understand all the tax rules and fear any change to how we currently operate, will leave a painful bill at the end. I'm talking about worrying over hundreds not the thousands!! Of course, my naivity and lack of understand to become a company may show my concerns to be unfounded?

My situation echoes Alex's in that the geographical situation does not mimick the story of other more lucrative areas. Housing is difficult to shift in the North, difficult to refinance and in some cases difficult to generate reasonable income. To exacerbate the situation, many house building companies now offer very good incentives for first time buyers making renting and even purchasing older properties less desirable.

My main point on all of this is that many landlord's live hand to mouth, making a mere few hundred quid a month if lucky (in total) which then gets absorbed into general family life, with the hope that the original plan of investing in property will pay off for a better retirement or go be passed down to the next generations.

Matt... Read More

Matt Cole

20:14 PM, 24th June 2017, About 4 years ago

Rental deposits to be capped at one month's rent

I'm thinking of not asking for a deposit! What I am doing is setting up a 6mth tenancy with the deposit value divided over the 6mnths. It is then added to the normal rent value each month I. E tenant pays a higher rent. I have then agreed that the tenant provides 2 months notice prior to leaving and with satisfactory property condition on the day of check out, I will reimburse 1 months rent.

I guess I just need to make sure the tenant is always within contract. Your wise council greatly appreciated.... Read More

Matt Cole

19:50 PM, 25th February 2017, About 5 years ago

Why Did I Ever Invest in Buy to let?

Completely agree with Darlington Landlord. Most houses in the North East are seeing the effects of negative equity due to the 'boom' prior to 2007/2008.

You can't give houses away in the north and I would really appreciate any good advice given on here to be tailored to the specific region of the country.

In my opinion, London has had it's day and maybe has spoiled it for the rest who cannot now yield similar returns to that of more lucrative areas such as London and the effects of Section 24 imminent.... Read More

Matt Cole

9:34 AM, 11th September 2016, About 5 years ago

Appalled Landlord sends open letter to MP

A thoroughly informative excellent letter.

I despair with the decisions made by these people who we entrust to run our country!... Read More

Matt Cole

9:12 AM, 8th September 2016, About 5 years ago

The criminalisation of landlords by Durham Council

Can someone please advise where the licensed areas are within DCC?... Read More