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Michael Orr

12:08 PM, 16th June 2015, About 6 years ago

Free Boiler Scheme for Landlord and Tenants

Hi Nigel
The ECO scheme has been reduced drastically over the last 12 months. The suppliers, us included, used to receive money through how much bill savings were achieved by having a new boiler installed by how much the electricity companies would buy the bill savings from us. I.E if we received 14p for every £1.00 we saved in bill savings and the particular house was £10,000 bill savings then we would receive £1400.00 towards the installation. The problem now is the electricity companies are only paying on average 8p so hence why the installers need a contribution. The Green Deal, has Mark mentioned, is a possible new way to get a boiler installed and if you have a boiler and another improvement installed, from a list of 11 (check out GDHIF via Google) then you also receive £1250.00 cashback as well as access to green deal finance were your tenants pay if they are benefiting from bilsl being reduced because of the improvements.... Read More