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Doreen Marr

1:12 AM, 14th April 2017, About 5 years ago

Are consent to let licence fees unreasonable?

We picked up the same problem with Miller Himes and e & m .
We were made aware of the issue via Flambayer... can't remember exact name or if that's how it's spelt) ( away from home now) . They wrote to us at our home address (they had picked up correspondence address was different to property address and that's how they picked up the problem) re the subletting lease, which we were totally unaware of.

Immediately upon receipt of their letter, I went back to the conveyance and checked the solicitors advising information and my response to their advice etc.

It was clear in one of my emails that I picked up on the lease and the other e & m lease, which at the time I did not fully understand what was going on as we were new to property, but because of my clear wording quering the difference between the two leases, and asking why was there two leases etc., query the difference between each and what did they mean.

The solicitors chose to ignore my query, so gave no answers on these points, or flippantly passed them over in the initial paperwork.
However, a few years after purchase it cropped up when the leaseholders asked who was living in the property etc etc, this was the alert.

I called the solicitors and pointed them to my email, which had gone unanswered. I also pointed out, that they knew the mortgage was a buy to let mortgage and it was clear we would be renting the property, but the solicitors did not follow through this area so had not negotiated with Miller Homes or Flambayor via E & M

The tiop solicitor took responsibility , and negotiationed with Flambayor a reduced lifetime global licence fee of £370 , followed by a set fixed tenancy renewal fee of £75, not the £120 +++ and no further fees other than ground rent due for renewal negotiations every 10 years, and this is linked and restricted to cost of living etc , so that's not an issue. The solicitor agreed to pay for the Global licence and two lots of tenancy fees X 2 properties ( we had purchased two identical new properties).

Seriously, if these issues had been highlighted to us in the initial conveyancing contract we may have tried to negotiate our own deal, or we.may have rprobably backed out of the deal, as we really don't like leasehold properties. Millers Homes, did not make it clear at the early negotiating stage that the properties would be leasehold, had they done that we may have walked away even at this early stage, but it was more than a year after the purchase went through, when E & M wrote to us.

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Doreen Marr

18:25 PM, 14th November 2015, About 7 years ago

Are most landlords under charging?

Reply to the comment left by "James Fraser" at "06/11/2015 - 13:21":

I believe the reason why landlords do no regularly increase rents will be the underlying knowing that tenants, usually decide to move if regular rent increases are passed on. I have experimented with the concept of regular small rent increases each year, but in each and every occasion the tenants moved on, which only leads to more costs for the landlord with refurbishments, decoration, cleaning, advertising and a whole lot of time spent managing all the change over, which is time a landlord gives freely, and believe me a lot of time can be spent freely in this area if a landlord wants to maintain his/her property in top condition, which attracts the best rentals, and hopefully the best tenants, but this is no gurantee. Cleaning up behind tenants is something that is seriously overlooked. I do believe housing associations, which I believe are usually owned or invested in by the local councils, are truly aware of the cleaning up costs that can be incurred from one tenant to the next. No one ever speaks about the tremendous amount of time and money a private landlord works carrying out these operations.

The outsiders, appear to be oblivious of this very serious side of be a private landlord. It is a personal service that most landlords give freely.

I believe corporate rental investors, as they do not get personally involved, are unaware of the reduced returns that can be made on property as a result of tenant change over.... Read More

Doreen Marr

21:21 PM, 6th June 2015, About 7 years ago

HB Tenant Lies to Benefits Office

Thanks Robert for further commenting.

When I spoken with the lady at the Council she was very helpful in that she explained how the tenant would have completed a Council document which not only asks when they moved out/in, but it also asks the tenant when his tenancy came to end, which she confirmed the tenant had lied. I am wondering if I write to the Council and quote the facts I have, making reference to it being fraud to say the tenancy had ended, so they could begin claiming benefit from their new tenancy, this may. produce a good result.
It is this document that would support the false information.

If the value of the debt needs to be greater than £600, then this would restrict me in the action I would take, so thank you for that information.

I agree with you that the only way to end and resolve all this effort, would be for the Government to allow CCJs and other forms of Orders to be deducted from the tenants benefit, otherwise the tenant is just laughing at all the effort everyone from Landlord, Council, and Court put in all of which fails when the order cannot be sustained and put into effect.

Thanks again Robert for the advice,

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Doreen Marr

15:21 PM, 6th June 2015, About 7 years ago

HB Tenant Lies to Benefits Office

Hi Robert

Thank you so much for informing me of how you deal with this type of situation, you clearly have had much experience in this area! Thank gid this is the first time for me!

I think I will take your advice and not waste my time, as this guy is self employed, but his partner claims HB, well it's something like that, although he does have a van that he uses for his work. I am wondering if it is worth making the effort to claim the money back from the Council, using your legal terminology, have you ever been successful in getting payment out of the Council, after the tenants have departed. Do you know if it is a criminal offence for the tenants to tell the Council lies, in that their tenancy had ended when it had not ended. I still have all the evident on my phone of when the tenant first notified me that they would be moving.

I feel like rattling someone's cage..... going to the police to report the tenants, that would mean they would have to investigate...... lol.... I know this would make so much extra work for the police, but the Councils with the methods they use, drive enormous amounts of work on the Courts / landlords by making tenants get into extra debt, that many would prefer not to do, but the Council do not allow the tenants to move out, they use the words that "they (the tenant) have made themselves homeless by moving out ", and thus the Council won't help them. Is this world mad or what, Our governments systems make it acceptable for tenants to have a CCJ, as their methods of use, insisting tenants stay in the home until the Court order arrives, when really the tenant would prefer to be rehoused immediately when they inform the Council that they have problems and can no longer make their rent payments, the Council are just trying to buy themselves time, but in their efforts to do that, they cause tremendous stress on the Court system, and also on landlords. The sensible way is to address the problem when it arises. I know the answer the Council use, is that there is not sufficient homes, but the problem/outcome is exactly the same whether they action it immediately or in 3 months times. The Council system is deluded! ...! We should not forget how the system puts so much anxiety /stress on tenants, no wonder the NHS is under stress, the Council/Government systems cause it, and they are promoting CCJ's

Sorry Robert for that last piece of info, but I thought this info may be of interest help to other readers.

Robert, If you could please let me know if you gave been successful in getting payments from the Council, after the tenant has departed. I don't mean the credit of their invoice, I mean, additional payments over and above those invoices / appeals which you have been successful in getting turned over.

Maybe all this work just keeps everyone in .... I call it job creation!

Thanks again Robert for the advice and information.

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Doreen Marr

16:14 PM, 3rd June 2015, About 7 years ago

HB Tenant Lies to Benefits Office

Thank you Sunny, David and Luke for the advice. My gut feel is the same as you all suggest, forget the hassle and walk away, but this leaves both the tenant and Hyndburn Council supporting lies, and bad ethics, What it says about the Council is that they are openly supporting the tenants to lie. The Council clearly know when they receive a copy of the tenancy that the tenant has a contractual obligation to give 4 weeks notice to the landlord. I have evidence of when that notice was given, which thus equates to date the tenants have accountability. But, because the tenant has told them differently, they accept it, but the tenant has noevidence just his word. It is all so wrong, how we as a nation support this dreadful ethics is truly beyond my comprehension this really breeds bad ethics, it means the tenant runs rampage over his responsibilities and leaves everyone frustrated, except himself, he is laughing all the way to the bank and we tax payers pay these local council wages can see that what they are supporting is crazy ethics, total madness, how do the Council think they are educating these tenants? They are condoning fraudulent behaviour.

Yesterday, Peter advised me to report it as a Criminal offence, and I have been turning this over in my mind to see how this sits. Again thus uses our tax resource to try to put an end to this practice.... Read More