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Sunday 24th May 2015

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DannyC77 C77

15:06 PM, 5th June 2015, About 7 years ago

Can't find lender to remortgage property with secured loan


The other problem I think is that the property is on a 3 year lease to a company which looks after semi independent people. The lease is with myself and an individual and c/o of her company. I think this is putting off some lenders? What do you think Howard?

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DannyC77 C77

17:30 PM, 25th May 2015, About 7 years ago

How much deposit on BTL mortgage?

hi thanks for your comments

Im not sure yet as to whether I want to get involved in highly geared property purchases, due to the higher risk, so was thinking I would take advantage of the equity I have in one of the houses I already rent out and put down a 40% deposit on this new purchase.

But I was wondering if this would be a mistake, as then if I decided I wanted to get more involved in BTL I would be unable to access further equity from this house I already own now as remortgaging costs would be prohibitive

I was thinking of leaving the unencumbered house as it is, in case of future shortfalls or if I need money due to unforeseen circumstances.

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