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Chris Harris

18:25 PM, 20th November 2020
About A week ago

Illusion of fact?

I think your question may stem from the confusion in your first post " “we’re my arrears capitalised” the judge said your payments were Revised."

As I see it:

Capitalisation is the addition of arrears to the capital sum outstanding which increases the capital value of the loan , but effectively bringing the payments up to date.

e.g you owed £100k of the original loan, but were £5k behind with payments. The outstanding payments are capitalised ( possibly taking an increased charge against the property) and you now owe £105k but your payments are up to date. Of course your payments per month will increase if the term and interest rate of the loan remain the same.

Revising the payments would mean, that the lender revises the payment terms so that you continue to pay the original loan on the original terms with the addition on an extra sum per month to reduce the arrears over a prescribed period of time, not necessarily the same as the term of the original loan.

That would be my take on the difference between capitalising arrears and revising payments.

( just my thoughts - not to be relied on in any way) :-)... Read More

Chris Harris

17:18 PM, 20th November 2020
About A week ago

Illusion of fact?

Reply to the comment left by peter cookson at 20/11/2020 - 17:10
Maybe struck out for lack on manners?

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Chris Harris

17:17 PM, 20th November 2020
About A week ago

Illusion of fact?

Interested in your original enquiry

"Revised Payment & Capitalisation?"

As for any application to strike out :


In Summary:

Grounds for Strike outs
There are several:
no reasonable grounds to bring a claim: the case would not (if proved) make out any legally recognised cause of action
abuse of process: The process of the court has been used for a collateral purpose or ulterior motive of a litigant
failure to comply with a rule or order: A party has ignored orders of the court, such as case management directions, disclosure, serving witness statements, or pre-trial directions made at a Pre Trial Review
Courts also have an inherent jurisdiction to control proceedings which come before it. It’s rare, but that might include striking out a claim or defence which does disclosure reasonable grounds to bring a claim altogether.
Each of the grounds has its own nuances. They're based on different types of failings by a party.... Read More

Chris Harris

14:34 PM, 20th November 2020
About A week ago

Illusion of fact?

Having read both your post and your comment, I have no idea what you are trying say.

Please have another go as the subject sounds interesting.... Read More

Chris Harris

22:49 PM, 18th November 2020
About 2 weeks ago

Are my rental expenses from the LAST tax year allowable in THIS year's return?

Reply to the comment left by Jireh Homes at 18/11/2020 - 18:43
Only going to show that you learn something every day. Thanks.... Read More