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18:40 PM, 6th October 2021, About 2 months ago

Unfair demands/treatment from managing agent and their lawyer?

Hi Jasmin, There are many bad managing agents out there! I bought flats on 4 developments and found 4 awful managing agents who seemed to think they were our masters and not our servants, paid little heed to the law and continued to do so until we looked into our rights in law and the terms of our leases. We ousted them by forcing an AGM (which needed only 5% of the voting share of the members to call) and dismissed them, initially managing the development ourselves and then choosing a reputable managing agent. the results were immediate - from around £20,000 for interior decoration our new agent did the job for £3k! Check your lease if there is a residents management co. you should have the power to hire and fire your managing agents if not you may be able set up a "Right to Manage" company and do the same thing. Bad managing agents rely on the leaseholders' ignorance of the law and also that many leaseholders do not have contact details of their fellow leaseholders. (I knocked on doors and used the Land Registry), Good luck!... Read More


9:44 AM, 5th May 2021, About 7 months ago

Leaseholder bringing his own builder in to quote?

My understanding is that if any work is large enough that any leaseholder is required to contribute over £250 then the work should be put out to tender and a notification and consultation process among leaseholders takes place. Each leaseholder may nominate their own preferred contractor in addition to the management company's. At the end of this process a contractor is chosen (not necessarily the cheapest). If all but one leaseholder are happy with your nominated builder I expect you could go ahead, but surely wouldn't hurt to get them to tender and see if the leaseholders still want to go with yours?... Read More


22:41 PM, 23rd April 2021, About 7 months ago

Ground Rent makes property an AST?

My stepson lost a sale of his property last year when the prospective buyer's mortgage company said the ground rent was onerous and he should get the freeholder to vary the lease - which they refused. The ground rent was £72 and after 50 years rose to £125, then doubling to £250 after a further 50 years and again to £500 after a further 50 years where it remained fixed for the remainder of the 999 year term. We were told it was deemed to be an "Estate Fee" if at any time during the term it was ever due to exceed £250. Luckily he has just sold to a cash buyer!... Read More


22:15 PM, 23rd April 2021, About 7 months ago

Unsatisfactory EICR is an absolute shower?

Just checking the regs for Current Carrying Capacity of 6mm2 Twin and Earth flat PVC cable. The current carrying capacity varies from 47A to 23.5A. The lower figure would apply if a length of cable of over 400mm was surrounded by thermal insulation. The figure for cable above a plasterboard ceiling with over 100mm depth of insulation above the cable and the cable resting on the plasterboard is 27A. This is very common with a section of shower cable running in a loft. If this is the case it may be possible to clip the cable to joists or a length of timber attached to roof trusses. A shower drawing 37A using 6mm cables clipped direct (so with a capacity of 47A) protected by a 40A breaker is absolutely fine.... Read More


20:54 PM, 22nd April 2021, About 7 months ago

Managing Agents overcharging for nothing?

Reply to the comment left by at 22/04/2021 - 12:08
I bought several apartments on 4 developments around 15 years ago. We had problems with managing agents on all - one was charging £100 per month to change a lighbulb (which didn't actually get changed. The developments were going downhill and there were loads of disgruntled leaseholders. I checked my lease and there was a residents management company. I checked at Companies House and found that the managing agents should have stepped down and allowed leaseholders to become directors of the management company and they should have been holding AGMs. I found that leaseholders representing 5% of the membership of the company could force an Extraordinary General Meeting. It took time but we got our meeting, elected our own Directors and forced the Managing Agent to resign as director and then we ousted them as Agents and after a short period of managing ourselves we appointed our own choice of new Managing Agent. This only works if you are entitled to be a member of a management company. If not its possible you may be able to go for a "Right to Manage". Other points are that if any service costs an amount where any leaseholders would have to pay over £250 then the managing agent must go through a consultation process and show leaseholders 3 quotes and leaseholders may also nominate their own choice of contractor. Similarly any ongoing contract which would cost any leaseholder over £100 must also go through this process. I hope some of this may be of use.... Read More