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Peter Poupard

18:08 PM, 2nd January 2019
About 7 months ago

Suspicious Activities - How do I inspect?

If you think a criminal activity is taking place and you inform the police also ensure you tell them you will supply keys to the property otherwise you will end up having to pay for the repairs to the front door as the police won't if they find evidence of an offence, and that could be the smallest amount of weed.

Make regular checks a condition of your AST and carry them out, it's self survival these days.... Read More

Peter Poupard

10:57 AM, 11th October 2018
About 9 months ago

Shelter misleading the public about its finances

This article proves the need for a new landlord body that truly represents landlords to be established such as the new body Larry Sweeney is proposing. If Shelter were to be the subject of its first campaign it would go someway to dealing with the housing crisis and the problems facing renters and landlords.
As well addressing the hypercritical press releases put out by Shelter for a landlord body to be seen as supporting good tenants can only be to the good of all good landlords. In the meantime perhaps landlords should start addressing their MPs and bringing the farce that is Shelter to their attention. I will certainly be writing to my MP, for what he's worth!!... Read More

Peter Poupard

12:14 PM, 29th September 2018
About 10 months ago

New Landlord Association seeking pledges

I'd be happy to join an organisation that truly represents landlords and the membership fee suggested is a no brainer, what's to loose? That's less than people pay for a morning coffee over a couple of months.... Read More

Peter Poupard

12:36 PM, 4th April 2018
About A year ago

Flat used for forced prostitution by trafficked girl

Perhaps members more learned than I can confirm but my understanding is one cannot have a contract for illegal or immoral purposes, ( perhaps the immoral bit no longer applies given society's lack of morals these days ) so therefore the illegal nature of living off immoral earnings, prostitution, will have nullified any AST. Therefore one more reason to go in now and put in a new tenant. I agree your previous referencing needs looking at and asking those who carried out the checks to pay for your losses associated to this sad story.... Read More

Peter Poupard

15:56 PM, 1st December 2017
About 2 years ago

Access to my tool shed - Who Is in the wrong?

If it becomes an issue, and why would it if you don't disturb them during your visits, just give the notice that you will be visiting the property to access your shed on a daily basis thus giving a rolling 24 hour notice.... Read More