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11:15 AM, 14th November 2019
About 2 years ago

The myth that landlords can evict at a moment’s notice

Thanks to examples like these I only accept tenants with good credit histories,in stable and relatively well paid employment who are vetted by a letting agent and then myself.The property is in an ex mining village in County Durham and lets for £575 a month,therefore in a relatively deprived area. It may take slightly longer to find a suitable tenant but after 3 tenants in 5 years I've yet to experience these type of problems.
I am aware that it can happen to anybody,anywhere at anytime ,but you can mitigate the chances of it happening by doing some due diligence.
I wholeheartedly agree with the comments about the negative attitude of political parties who see us as easy targets and potential vote winners. The fact that the Tory party is part of this is staggering. Thankfully I've never voted for them.... Read More


19:38 PM, 19th August 2018
About 3 years ago

Update with Some success

I own a property in a former mining village in the North East devastated by Thatcher in the 80s.
I only accept working tenants without pets, children and who are non smokers .
It may take a week or two longer to acquire the right tenant but it’s worth it,
Unless you have a model for UC tenants or the like,I suggest you do the same.
If it works where I am it will work in 99 % of places,
It’s. 3 bed semi getting £575 a month.
For the geeks:
Yield 6%
ROI 13.4%... Read More


7:29 AM, 26th August 2017
About 4 years ago

Lawnmowers - do landlords have to provide them?

Provide one.
Your client will appreciate it!!... Read More


8:37 AM, 23rd February 2017
About 4 years ago

New Tenant - something not quite right

I insist on no children, no pets, non smokers and no benefits ,furthermore this is in a former mining village in County Durham.
Eventually I get the tenant I require and don't have to wait too long.
Surely in Surrey you can manage that!... Read More


20:12 PM, 18th April 2015
About 6 years ago

Can I claim expenses against tax?

Thanks Mark,I guess you should know.
Cheers Jason some good points there!... Read More