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Ankur Arora

8:30 AM, 2nd January 2016, About 6 years ago

New phone lines installation for renovation project

I work with a residential developer in London. We have recently been approached by a company called HyperOptic who have offered to provide all cables and equipment and even pay for labour charges for installation of cables etc upto the flats. They will setup the phone and broadband box in each flat such that the new tenant just have to make a call and the phone and internet will be active within a few hours. Now even BT is offering very similar service and we are considering using both to give tenants the best options.

If you are in London, its worth considering Hyperopic. Otherwise try Virgin as suggested earlier and BT should price match.
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Ankur Arora

16:50 PM, 8th December 2015, About 6 years ago

I Am A Property Developer - Ask Me Anything!

Reply to the comment left by "Tony Atkins" at "08/12/2015 - 16:09":

Thanks for your response Tony.
I have been speaking to my accountant and he is getting stumped as well especially to ensure we don't get into 'tax evasion'.

I was planning to set up a lettings company for 'rent to rent' to reduce VAT. I guess I'll have to take some specialist VAT advise for tax planning and Companies' structure.

I have filled up an enquiry for tax advise elsewhere on this forum and await a contact.

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Ankur Arora

12:19 PM, 8th December 2015, About 6 years ago

I Am A Property Developer - Ask Me Anything!

Hello All
I have just purchased a commercial property with a view to convert the upper floors to residential and refurb the ground and basement to remain office space. The ground and basement will be let out to another of my companies which is currently on flat rate VAT scheme. The property is purchased under a newly set up property development company which is currently being VAT registered so that we can Opt in and recover the VAT paid on purchase.
My query is that if I Opt in, does this mean that I will have to charge VAT on the residential part from residential tenants and VAT from the commercial tenants on rent?
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