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Alastair Lygate

19:19 PM, 4th April 2015, About 7 years ago

Agent charges Landlords Exit Fee after 15 years

many thanks for the update Mark,I will post the outcome.... Read More

Alastair Lygate

22:19 PM, 11th June 2014, About 8 years ago

Should Buy to Let Landlords be worried about Scottish Independence?

My take on Scottish Independence is that it 's a romantic fantasy which us Scots like to sing about from the terraces ,imagine and moan about from the working class pubs full of folk with little ambition, motivation and labourite dependance on state handouts either via meaningless council job creation for inspectors looking over the shoulders of those who actually produce products and services.,or those 'entitled to' hand outs to feed their kids and bad habits.

The reality is that we have a marriage with the rest of the UK that works well regardless of healthy 'family squabbles' over 'who gets more on their plate'.

Should we vote for divorce I can imagine that as like the vast majority of divorces, it will result in bitterness and separation and its the kids that suffer( generations to come) however should we not be daft enough to vote with our hearts instead of our heads ,
then a NO vote will confirm our marriage and thus result in ever closer ties of business between us as oppose to the separation that divorce will inevitably cause

I am fearful that the SNP will have their day. and if so i hope I can sell up my portfolio before it falls apart,and head to a more mature and stable economy south of the border, should I pass the immigration controls, and that the English will have me.... Read More

Alastair Lygate

2:26 AM, 3rd February 2013, About 9 years ago

Taking a Tenant to Court Over Condensation

I think your unlikely to win regardless of the fact your right, as you haven't clear documented evidence to support your claim.I'm guessing you haven't sought legal representation as i'd be surprised if your council would have encouraged you down this route.Cut your losses and move on,learning from the experience,next time pay for professional inventory,get it signed and install adequate ventilation making sure you maintain it.consider introducing over occupancy clause to your lease,thus restricting the number of 'family members' taking up residence in the property.... Read More

Alastair Lygate

1:21 AM, 3rd February 2013, About 9 years ago

Advice required on tenants request to change carpets

roberta,this is good news for you,it shows that your tenant intends to stay longer than six months,the longer they stay,the better for you,as,as yet i've always had some expenditure between tenancies,even its just marketing and lease preparation fees.Its best to get off to a good start,so agree.But establish the value of your existing carpets,i'm guessing that they must be showing signs of age and not as fresh as they might be,agree that they can change them provided that they leave them when they vacate,and that they purchase carpets not less than the current value of yours.Request that they cover expenses of uplift and disposal of yours.I'd imagine that following on from carpets they'll be considering decorating too.My philosophy has always been to encourage my tenants to consider the property as their home,and thus allow decoration picture hanging etc,as my longest tenant has now been with me over ten years,with many others over 5 years,it pays to be accommodating. Remember to treat your tenants as your customers,after all they are paying you for a service.Get to know them and pre-empt any issues that you can foresee,this way your tenant will feel that you care about them and your property.Good luck... Read More