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rita chawla

11:31 AM, 30th April 2021
About A week ago

Does new consumer unit mandate a new EICR?

Thanks all for your feedback, much appreciated.... Read More

rita chawla

18:24 PM, 15th April 2021
About 3 weeks ago

EICR has thrown a complete spanner in the works?

I had heard so many bad stories about EICR that before hiring an electrician for my flat, I sent out photos of my fusebox with basic info such as age of flat etc to different electricians and asked their opinion on it. Out of 9 contacted, 8 wanted to do the job straightaway, were friendly but didn't want to engage in any discussion beforehand. Only one of them spent half an hour on phone telling me how age of fusebox and absence of rcd is not automatic failure, what he checks for, how he does it and what can fail it. He quoted pricey £250 for my studio flat, much more than others but I went for him. The man spent 2 full hours opening up each and socket, light and basically anything that was accessible and passed it in the end. There were no issues. Though it was expensive, it was nothing compared to what some of my others landlord friends have spent. Also I feel reassured that he has actually checked the flat as thoroughly as he could.... Read More

rita chawla

10:02 AM, 20th August 2018
About 3 years ago

Are Eastern Europeans Leaving The UK?

I've experienced the same. I've renting my extra room for years now and used to get many interests from potential lodgers from Europe (EU area) at this time of the year (Aug). This year, its been a struggle, and the only people interested are from London, which means I've fewer people to pick from. Since its my home, I like to a bit picky, so thinking if I should drop the rent a bit or wait longer. Either way, there's definitely been a fall in demand in my area.... Read More

rita chawla

11:24 AM, 3rd July 2018
About 3 years ago

Government look to throw landlords under the bus with 3 year tenancies

I rent quite a bit to non British nationals because of the location of my property. These are professionals on 6 month-2 year visa and don't want to tie themselves up to anything longer. Any such legislation will be discriminatory against all non British nationals especially non EU members who are here on visa.... Read More

rita chawla

18:22 PM, 9th June 2018
About 3 years ago

No notice, because "it's my house"!

Reply to the comment left by Art at 09/06/2018 - 03:11
Hi Art, seems like you are dealing with a rouge landlord. I had guessed you were talking about building control requirements as I used to work in planning department in the past. Not sure if you are aware but unlike in planning, local council are not the only people who issue building control certificates. We get to see many people who approach the council initially but go to a private inspector to get final sign off. In all these cases, council website might give the impression that work was never signed off due to dpc, insulation etc. but that's not necessarily the case. I am just letting you know so that you dont get surprised in the court if the owner does magically manage to produce a building control certificate showing everything is fine with the property. Good luck.... Read More