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Anthony Altman

17:05 PM, 30th March 2019
About 2 years ago

Help please - criminal and bankrupt tenant won't leave

I am sorry to hear you are yet another victim of a corrupt system
Ela I would follow the law to the letter,many of the tenants organisations will be only to delighted to help your tenant set you up for illegal eviction charges so if you are not absolutely one hundred percent clear on the procedure take professional advice" before "doing anything remember that although it would appear that tenants are allowed to break the law with impunity no such latitude is given to landlords i have had extensive experience on numerous occasions in my 49 years letting out homes of these sort of tricks perpetrated by tenant organisations i always follow the law to the letter no matter how unjust or unfair it seems and document everything in minute detail in print and video
I realise this is no comfort but there are other countries where you can invest in residential property and provide homes for families where you will be treated fairly and justly and receive a fair return on your investment
You may wish to consider these alternatives before the situation gets considerably worse
all the best tony... Read More

Anthony Altman

16:03 PM, 30th March 2019
About 2 years ago

Manchester 'Rogue Landlord Hub'

Balanced obviously a different dictionary !
I've been to many events listening to a wide variety of politicians
and cannot think of an occasion where anyone "from the audience"has used the word balanced
however I have heard the phrase ,venomous and fanatical hatred used a lot... Read More

Anthony Altman

9:02 AM, 27th January 2019
About 2 years ago

Cost to landlords to join a COMPULSORY Redress Scheme?

Brilliant scheme after a relationship split i now find myself renting, so as a tenant i simply go to my landlord and demand they reduce my rent by 75 percent backdated to the start of the tenancy and remind them i can put in multiple complaints at a cost of £132 including non recoverable VAT to the landlord and absolutely no cost to me if they do not agree to all of my demands
In fact i've had a rethink I will simply tell them i am not going to pay any rent at all ,and threaten to bankrupt their family with
endless complaint fees if they do not give in to my demands... Read More

Anthony Altman

7:58 AM, 27th January 2019
About 2 years ago

Statement from Tim Frome on behalf of Property Redress Scheme

Another nail in the coffin it is clear this government wishes to exterminate private landlords and their families
we have already experienced what it is like to live under the jackboot of an increasingly tyrannical vindictive and unjust regime ,it is clear their intent is to ruthlessly pursue their
"final solution" to the landlord problem.
History repeats itself ,a minority is vilified and demonised on a almost daily basis to deflect attention from the incompetence and negligence of those in power ,echoes of the past another country another time !
It will be interesting to see if protection is extended to tenants of council and MOD housing ,a significant number who are forced to live in unacceptable conditions if we believe that will happen we are sadly delusional... Read More

Anthony Altman

9:49 AM, 5th October 2013
About 8 years ago

Enforcement not legislation - PRS Hit Squads

LOL Ben spot on you understand the politics i will be cheering you on as you do what has to be done hopefully without interference... Read More