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Peter Harris

10:35 AM, 16th June 2014, About 7 years ago

Possession Order Hearing

It does amaze me that people do not put in there AST a page covering late or missed payments for which there will be a charge..Visa and MasterCard do and they are computer driven... As most people are greedy and do not want to pay the landlord or agent for there lateness and are advised at the time of signing that this will come out and bite them if they cancel a SO or fail to pay on a particular date ie In my case 6 days of pay date they will be charged (£20) etc.. I have been doing this for over 20 years and found no problem through the courts if it becomes necessary.. Good luck... Read More

Peter Harris

13:34 PM, 10th January 2014, About 8 years ago

Tenant offering to pay 6 months rent up front

As people have said there can be various reasons for paying 6 months rent up front but my main concern is the 7th month payment, as people by now have got used to not having to pay rent and haven't allowed for the following months...
To keep it simple ... Take two months rent as deposit and have them pay as normal..Therefore if any problems arise you have justification to take from deposit.. If your agent does his inspection he should be aware of a Cannabis factory quickly and notify the police... Read More

Peter Harris

17:01 PM, 26th June 2013, About 8 years ago

Letting Agent has left us out of pocket

Most of the tenancy deposit schemes take the tenants side and you and the agent would be on a hiding to nothing..The pendulum has swung to far to the tenants and the agent probably acted to quickly but would probably have to return it in the end.
Most of what you are worried about is down to the tenants.. If the agent had to take the tenants to court for the garden etc... it would be you that would have had to pay however, I would like to think they gave you a choice..

My advice would be the same as Mark's but think carefully before spending even more money which you probably won't get back... The Joys of renting..Most tenants are very good but not many perfect..

Peter Harris... Read More

Peter Harris

17:16 PM, 24th June 2013, About 8 years ago

DSS Tenants - does this video say it all?

I haven't had time to read all comments as out of the country at present...But worth taking note of..
If you hand over your property to the council it may well infringe your loan. Never mind insurance
Not all DHSS tenants are a problem but if they do get into trouble either with rent or damage to property its hardly worth taking them to court as they have no money..
Also if given notice to quit the DHSS or CAB will advise them to stay till they get a court order.. Personally I find this is not very helpful to the tenant as they will have to leave sometime and this then leads to a spiral downwards in any credit rating they may have had..

When letting to DHSS is accept over 40 as by then they know the system and as a professional landlord I want them to stay and enjoy their home.

Good luck... Read More

Peter Harris

17:53 PM, 14th June 2013, About 8 years ago

Tenancy agreements - Essential information

Tessa Shepperson is certainly right on Tenancy agreements...I never felt comfortable with taking 6 months rent in advance as its the 7th month I would be then worried about. On there 2nd month they can forget they are paying rent and will spend their money and not worry about the end of 6 months. All my tenancy agreements are for a minimum of 6 months. in this case I take 2 months deposit and the normal month in advance. I don't try and make extra on the new agreements either with landlords or tenants. I have been doing this for over 20 years.
I also have late payment clauses if rent not received by 6th of month £20 is incurred , 9th a further £20, 12th £20 just like mastercard or visa .All payments are paid from the first of a month(easer for accounts and chasing debts) Debts can be the killer of a business..All this is in the agreement and they read and sign etc.. Its pointed out at the beginning as in dealing with other agents it amazes me the amount of little thought they give to the tenants future if they dont pay the rent and the tenant feels the agent is just wishy washy about the collection of rent.. A county court summons will destroy their future...
Like Tessa I could go on and on.. Being a good professional agent or Landlord is hard...... Read More