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Thursday 5th March 2015

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Lauren Humber

18:37 PM, 5th March 2015
About 5 years ago

Help buying neighbours land

Thank you everyone for your comments all advise is really helpful.

It really is a complicated one and I need to sit down and have a chat with her. I know her husband dealt with the land previously as the guy who lived in my house before me tried to get the land for free but when the husband was alive he told the old owner he wanted money for the land. I do hope she can find her deeds and plans

We have thought about sitting on the land and waiting but it's just too long a period, she might pass away and we might not be here by then and would like to build a structure on the land.

I will approach her this weekend to get to the bottom of ownership then I will get a few more quotes from solicitors.

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