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Jonathan James

9:11 AM, 4th February 2017, About 5 years ago

A better alternative to S24?

Hi Barry - yes, of course I'm well aware of all the hard campaigning which has been done to no avail & am equally frustrated.

My suggestion was to react to Philip Hammond's admission - that he would drop S24 if he could match the tax take via another means - by questioning the size of the predicted tax take and yet again pointing out the devastation to come as landlords take the necessary steps to avoid its' impact.... Read More

Jonathan James

17:26 PM, 3rd February 2017, About 5 years ago

A better alternative to S24?

To get back to the original post on this thread, should we not be questioning the Chancellor's expectation of £665m/year in tax revenue from S24? Surely by 2020/1 anyone who is in a position to do so will have taken steps to mitigate their tax liability - no one in their right mind will pay the punitive tax rates foisted by S24 if they can possibly avoid it. Of course, in order to achieve this: businesses and pension plans will be lost; tenants will be evicted & the poorest made homeless; millions of pounds will be spent on incorporation & other restructuring measures - all completely unnecessary expense without S24 but resulting in a much, much lower tax take than the Treasury expects.

Please could someone with direct contact and influence impress upon Philip Hammond that he could prevent untold misery, stress, loss of accommodation and livelihood simply by abolishing S24 in March, or by not making it retroactive.... Read More

Jonathan James

13:18 PM, 7th October 2016, About 5 years ago

No Judicial Review of section 24 for landlords

Today is the last day for submission of representations to HM Treasury with regard to the Autumn Statement 2016.

Please submit your objections to Clause 24 of the Finance Act 2015 if you haven't already done so.

Every little helps (hopefully!)

Thank you.... Read More

Jonathan James

15:46 PM, 15th February 2016, About 6 years ago

MPs warn buy-to-let tax measures risk damaging whole economy

Reply to the comment left by "Gareth Wilson" at "12/02/2016 - 23:23":

Hi Gareth

This is the article. Not much of direct interest beyond the headline:

George’s marvellous meddling
Is George Osborne over-reaching himself? Speaking to Tory MPs in recent days, it is a common theme.

The chancellor’s dominant position as the frontrunner to be next Tory leader is wearing a bit thin already.

Today Sam Coates reports in The Times that Osborne has seized control of a campaign budget worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

Leaked documents reveal plans to slash the communications budgets of Whitehall departments and put funds into a central pot controlled by the chancellor and prime minister.

One Whitehall source said: “George is becoming more and more like Gordon Brown every day.”

And we all know how much Osborne enjoys those comparisons.

As Sam reports in the paper:

The Cabinet Office presentation shows the chancellor alongside David Cameron at the top of a flowchart setting out responsibility for making decisions about the fund. This has provoked claims of a power grab.

Until now the Cabinet Office rather than Treasury worked alongside Downing Street on communication strategy.

Senior Tory figures fear the move will enable Mr Osborne to promote pet projects, such as the Northern Powerhouse, at the expense of existing campaigns, including those overseen by leadership rivals.

These could include the Home Office’s domestic abuse campaign and the Department for Communities and Local Government’s “fire kills” publicity drive.

The budgets for the 80 campaigns, costing about £300 million a year, are the responsibility of individual government departments.

Osborne’s attempt to dominate Whitehall is exposed by the leak of a 12-page presentation, dated February 3, and entitled the Single Government Communications Campaign Budget.... Read More

Jonathan James

13:07 PM, 14th February 2016, About 6 years ago

Corporate Moles in the Commons?

James Cartlidge's comments made on 9th February 2016 are self serving, factually incorrect and propagandistic.
Surely it is no coincidence his being elected as a Conservative MP in May 2015 and the sudden and completely unexpected attack on BTL landlords in the Summer Budget only two months later?
James Cartlidge tweeted on 11 June 2015 "Raised my concerns in housing debate on impact of buy-to-let on first time buyers", and this is what he said:-
This is what he had previously published in 2014:-
Note "level playing field" etc etc, in fact much of the wording matches that in GO's Summer Budget speech.
To cap it all, James C tweeted on 25 November 2015 "In Oct 2014 I called for higher stamp duty on buy to let and 2nd home purchases. Great to see it implemented today".
It is becoming increasingly apparent that this man may have single handedly manipulated the Conservative Government into introducing a previously unheard-of rate of tax (on income, not profit) which will bankrupt unincorporated landlords and render thousands of tenants homeless. The fact that he has such a huge personal vested interest in all this happening is, quite frankly, sickening.
Surely there are affected landlords in South Suffolk who could expose him to the local press? Also The Telegraph may want to take this up?... Read More