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Sunny Rsa

11:17 AM, 13th February 2016, About 6 years ago

Clare Foges Anti-Landlord Letter in The Times

What we know for sure is that the government failed to build enough homes or properties (houses and flats) over the past 30 years or more in order to keep up with the demand and hence property prices have soared forcing first time buyers out of the equation. The government failed to learn valuable lessons from the economic crisis approx ten years ago (that was the time when interest rate were so high that we private landlords had to pay interest out of pocket or risk losing our investments; landlords like myself lost some if not the bulk of their investment properties). If the government had got their stats right, there would be enough properties to go around for a small family to buy a property and set up a home without relying on the private rental sector; and the private landlord would perhaps have been forced out of business or their investments would not be worth the hassle. Now that people want to set up a family home, their salaries will never stack up for them to be able to save for a deposit, meet the lending criteria, and afford a home (house or flat) for themselves. Private landlords are here to help them set up a decent family home since a decent family home in London is 20 fold the salary of a middle class. The government is rocking the ship again by forcing the private landlord out of business. But we won't abandon the ship. The government can try and try but we will hold on to our ship because we've endured the storm already and we know whats it's like to be in one. The solution to the problem is very simple; build more houses (we need at least half a million houses in the UK in order to give everyone a chance to own a decent family home) and everyone will be happy.... Read More

Sunny Rsa

14:16 PM, 6th January 2016, About 6 years ago

Being sued by tenant that hadn't even moved in?

Reply to the comment left by " " at "06/01/2016 - 13:28":

Don't get bogged down with litigation. Avoid litigation at all cost. Things get very nasty later on despite the fact that all wrong doings were through no fault of yours. I have tried to sue a tenant before and I was £30k out of pocket with rent arrears over a period of 18 months and legal expenses. Eventually had to reach an out of court settlement since the tenant were already pennyless and I needed to get my property back at all cost. I have already replied to several forums before suggesting that we ought not make our own lives difficult with difficult tenants.... Read More

Sunny Rsa

11:23 AM, 6th January 2016, About 6 years ago

Being sued by tenant that hadn't even moved in?

Reply to the comment left by "Gary Dully" at "06/01/2016 - 11:06":

I'm inclined to agree with Gary: Get out while you can. Things only turn nasty later on when the solicitors get involve.... Read More

Sunny Rsa

12:44 PM, 4th July 2015, About 6 years ago

Evicted Tenant - Still using address for Nationalisation

I would write a polite letter to the Home Office and inform them of the facts without adding any of my personal opinion on this delicate matter. I did that by email once after my tenants fell into arrears with their rent and they had to be evicted. This so that the Home Office knows the truth whether the applicant is able to support themselves or not which is a legal requirement.... Read More

Sunny Rsa

18:27 PM, 12th June 2015, About 7 years ago

Mysterious Bulgarian Blonde 'Loves' My Flat!

Alarm bells!!!

Two issues that would concern me:

1- Why didn't she go to a estate agent with all her credibilities instead of coming direct to you?

2- Her feminine charm.

The last time I made a mistake and fell for it was not because I fell for Romanian woman's feminine charm but because I felt sorry for her when she told me that she just arrived into the UK and found out that her relative was not going to accommodate her and she desperately needed somewhere to live. Little did I know that he had been thrown out by her previous landlord and instead of doing things by the book, I got a bit too emotionally involved and I did not check references, proof of earnings etc. As soon as she moved in, she told me a long story that she could nit work because she has cancer...So I fell again for her...

In the end I was stung £8k rent arrears, nearly two years of sleepless nights and I got locked up for 20 hours by Met Police because the lodger made a false allegation against me that I tried to strangle her and she got her boyfriend to stand as a witness. The police dropped the case but I still end up being locked up on Guy Fawkes night. That taught me a lesson never mix business with personal feelings. From that day I also learnt the true meaning of Karma and so I don't give a beggar money. Food, clothing etc yes but nothing of value. If someone was born a beggar they will remain a beggar until they leave this world and I should not be interfering with their Karma otherwise God will punish me instead.

Not all Bulgarians are bad. Romanians are worse. I have a lodger who I have known for four years. He is a gentleman. I can talk with my lodger to interpret for you if you need an interpreter.

My advice is, do everything by the book and get your references especially from the last landlord and you will be fine.

Good Luck... Read More