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Martha Hill-Cousins

12:59 PM, 29th August 2016, About 6 years ago

Martha Hill-Cousins

12:51 PM, 29th August 2016, About 6 years ago

Insurance included in flat service charge - will it cover letting?

Hi Edward,
I had this issue earlier this year and also wrote on the forum for advice (I'll try and find the link). My block policy was, as everyone has mentioned, just buildings insurance. It didn't cover for the fact I was to let my property so I had to inform the insurance company and they added a few extra clauses to ensure it covered tenants living in the property. I then purchased landlord insurance with a minimum contents policy, as Gary mentioned above, to ensure I got the public liability protection.... Read More

Martha Hill-Cousins

23:12 PM, 2nd March 2016, About 6 years ago

Landlord Insurance Query - Public liability for flat?

Hi all,

Thanks so much for your comments! I think I will call the insurance company who are providing the block policy cover to the house of flats to confirm what they do and do not cover.

There is an element of contents insurance covered in this policy and I don't want to double insure myself. As Neil has pointed out above from the Insurance explained article, I don't want to risk a potential fraudulent claim if I have accidentally double insured myself. Although, if I have to have an element of contents insurance in order to get the public liability insurance, it seems I may have no choice but to double insure myself on the contents aspect (if my block policy also has contents insurance) - or am I misunderstanding?

The policy also mentions 'occupiers and personal liability' but not public liability and, under the 'contents' section, it mentions 'tenants liability'.
I am unfamiliar with the meaning of these terms so I think I will need to speak to them directly to explain my situation and see what they can offer me for the additional public liability aspect.

Jason your work on a standalone public liability insurance policy sounds very promising and I shall be keeping an eye on property 118 for any updates!

Many thanks again all.

Martha... Read More

Martha Hill-Cousins

13:08 PM, 31st October 2015, About 7 years ago

What type of property to invest in?

Thank-you all for your comments, it's much appreciated. I have done a lot of research into the area I'm planning to invest in (Southampton) and although I realise property prices are more expensive in the South, my intention is to invest there whilst I am starting out, as I do know the area rather well, as that's where I'm originally from. I would like to invest further north eventually to take advantage of cheaper property prices but feel it best to invest somewhere I know well whilst starting out.

I had agreed with much of the advice on here (and still do) regarding investing in two smaller properties but was subsequently put off by the high service charges, which I admittedly had not realised could be so high. I have therefore refined my search criteria and hope to find flats that either have a share of the freehold or have low service charges.

Thanks again for all the advice. This is a great property forum!... Read More

Martha Hill-Cousins

16:17 PM, 28th October 2015, About 7 years ago

What type of property to invest in?

Many thanks for both your comments.

I've actually had my answer given to me by my mortgage advisor as I was (wrongly) thinking I would be able to borrow a similar amount for a larger house as I would have been able to borrow across two smaller one bed flats. I now know that's not the case so I wouldn't be able to afford the bigger house now anyway!

Thank you for the links Neil. I shall definitely give the ones I've not already read a look. I find the calculators most useful!

Thanks John - I am rather perturbed that this new tax rule will be coming in to play just as I'm getting started in property but I still feel it will be worthwhile in the end! My plan is to start as if the law is already in motion so hopefully I won't get a nasty shock in 2017.

Thanks again both.... Read More