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Steve Grant

12:31 PM, 23rd February 2015
About 6 years ago

Has anyone experienced situation where debtor has lied in court?

Hi Helen

Gary's advice seems spot on to me.

I had a strange but not dissimilar experience whilst supporting a client in the courts last year.

The tenant who had been evicted from the property for non payment of rent, malicious damage and deliberate theft of utilities lied blatantly in the court.

He furnished false witness statements in support of his argument, modified the witness statement of his line manager who was also in court (begrudgingly) and had fabricated evidence which we had disproved categorically. In addition to this he also provided false accounts of income and expenditure which were again disproved.

In the end the case went our way and was found in favour of my client but the amazing thing is that when our barrister pushed for the judge to address the issues of the false statement and other provable anomalies (before the verdict), he was bullied into dropping it. The judge seemed completely disinterested.

I was hoping that there would be some recourse against the individual for perverting the course of justice (or similar charge) but nothing was levied against him for deliberate and calculated deceit.

My client is now in the process of trying to recover the £12k plus which the who experience had cost her.

If you can afford to pursue it and there is a good chance of recovering the debt then I think you should do it.

Good luck with the path you choose.... Read More