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Francesca Donatella

12:32 PM, 3rd September 2015, About 6 years ago

Why you need to contact your MP

1. Name of MP contacted via email/letter.
Pete Wishart
2. Constituency of the MP.
Perth and North Perthshire
3. Date(s) letters/emails sent.
4. Whether you have spoken to the MP face-to-face and/or made an appointment to see him/her in their surgery.
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Francesca Donatella

16:01 PM, 6th May 2015, About 6 years ago

Property bought with tenant in situ now causing problems with rent and inspections

Hello Joe,
I'm a landlord based in Scotland and my solicitor has told me that under no circumstances can I enter a property to do an inspection without the permission of the tenant, despite the fact that my tenancy agreement states that I have the right to conduct inspections with 24 hrs notice having been given.
My solicitor has said that if I enter the property without the tenants permission I can be prosecuted and get a criminal record. And in Scotland that would mean that I would loose my Landlord Registration from the Local Council and I would therefore be unable to rent my properties out.
Is what my solicitor has told me wrong?

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