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Barry Man

22:41 PM, 17th February 2015
About 6 years ago

What’s your Vote? Strategy Options for 15 yr Plan

Hi John

My first post....

First of all pay off the loan with the share proceeds. Then put 25k into rainy day fund with the 30k going onto FTSE index tracker, in 17 years time the proceeds should easily pay of the 95k on your own home. Meanwhile I anticipate over same period it will have doubled to over 800k

Average price of each of the five property's is £87,200 so I would sell two in 15 years when they should have doubled in value to £348, 800 comfortably paying off the outstanding £322,625 mortgages. This leaves you with three BTL's owned outright & rents should have doubled paying 25k PA

Happy days........ Read More