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Ray .

22:17 PM, 24th February 2017, About 5 years ago

Time to bail but I have a Council notice of improvement?

Don't worry too much, just play along and give a one page signed letter indicating your tenant has moved onto a periodic rolling contract.

Doesn't really matter on the revenge front now that this is not a formal notice (just make sure the council continue eating out of your hand - I.e. keep them updated with the progress you are making with respect to the remediations and this will avoid a formal notice).

You can give any excuse to kick her out, even if you raise the rent by 30% and the tenant wishes to leave then that is no fault of your own.

Play the long game, appease your stakeholders and once your snitchy tenant is gone then get a more straightforward tenant in.... Read More

Ray .

11:47 AM, 30th April 2016, About 6 years ago

Landlord Salary to Wife?

Fair points, it was my brother that suggested the idea to me but I don't know if legally I can let him go at the point when we remortgage.

I mean take the scenario:

You are a couple both earning a good salary, but then you start a family and the wife stops working for the foreseeable decade.

That isnt much different from my circumstances except I started a family, the wife stopped working and so we couldn't make use of the multiplier...I presume I am no better or worse than the father who now becomes the sole breadwinner but now has that mortgage on his own head.

Am I missing something...perhaps in that scenario when they come to remortgage will he face issues securing a good rate etc...... Read More

Ray .

9:04 AM, 30th April 2016, About 6 years ago

Landlord Salary to Wife?

Thanks guys going to knock this idea on the head, absolutely right didn't see all the flaws at first...preoccupied with just how to increase the mortgage multiplier.

Anyone have advice on enlisting family members into a joint mortgage application? If I were to go in with my brother and he remains a "silent partner" and I cover every penny of cost, do you think its possible when it comes to remortgage time I can then remove his from the mortgage?

Apologies for my naeivty!... Read More

Ray .

22:30 PM, 18th September 2015, About 6 years ago

How to deal with AST and two thirds split of rent?

Thanks Teg all sorted for now. Deposit and months rent in advance obtained, keys handed over with inventory complete.

Tomorrow will submit deposit and change utilities to the tenants names.

Thank you both for the kind help!... Read More

Ray .

7:04 AM, 18th September 2015, About 6 years ago

How to deal with AST and two thirds split of rent?

Thanks Teg's Dad, he only query they raised was with respect to the AST duration. I had input 12 months, however they would prefer to have 6 month AST and then comfortable to sign for a full year afterwards.

This gives me comfort that they are hopefully not chancers and really all I want is "normal" tenants...nothing from the channel 5 series ;0)

Will report back on how this evening goes, presume he will be bringing cash...so I will give keys after doing an inventory check

and then do I just log online and make a current account online transfer to the deposit protection scheme afterwards...(For just the deposit and obviously not the full cash amount he gives I.e. The month's rent in advance)

Finally on Saturday I will transfer the utilities into their names (should this be into the lead tenants name or give both?)... Read More