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Angela Scarlett-marshall

20:07 PM, 8th March 2013, About 8 years ago

Should Landlords Buy Life Insurance?

My family and I have used HD Consultants and have found them to be professional, flexible and thorough.

They will liaise with you on potential scenarios and advise you on most suited products based on your requirements.... Read More

Angela Scarlett-marshall

0:54 AM, 1st February 2013, About 9 years ago

Should Landlords Buy Life Insurance?

I believe it to be good idea to try and mitigate against such eventualities, however, it's a personal thing and the requirement will differ from individual individual - there is no harm in having an initial discussion with an adviser.... Read More

Angela Scarlett-marshall

23:50 PM, 31st January 2013, About 9 years ago

Tracking down a bad tenant - advice sought please

So sorry to hear, it's never nice when we happen upon dishonest people.

Who did you referencing when the tenants first took up occupancy, If you have details of the tenants employer(s) this may be a way of tracking them down. If they were students then you should have their guarantors details. Alternatively, you could use a private detective but the cost for this approach may outweigh the benefit.

It would be advisable to follow Ian's advice and register the tenant(s) with LandLordreferencing.... Read More

Angela Scarlett-marshall

22:49 PM, 31st January 2013, About 9 years ago

Can landlords spread rental profits between spouses and minimise tax?

Hi Mark,

I can add nothing to your response to the query; we both know that 'yes' it is possible dependent on circumstance, however, each individual should seek legal/accounts advise to be sure it is specific to them.

I am however, intrigued by your third point where you suggest the spouse with the lesser tax code (in this instance the wife) become property manager - I'm not sure I understand, could you expand on how that works.... Read More

Angela Scarlett-marshall

21:49 PM, 31st January 2013, About 9 years ago

No inventory .......... oh Dear!!

It would appear that a lot of good advice has already been given, the only ones I would add are as follows:

- Ensure a section 21 is issued in line with the duration of the
contract - e.g. if the contract ends in 6 months then section 21 should
be 'hand delivered to the tenant' for the end date of the contract.

- I would also take photos of each room, the exterior of the property
and the garden as a bench mark to the current state of the property and
ask the tenant to sign each photo/page.

- If you're marital separation was/is harmonious and you both still
communicate with each other - perhaps he could help to fill in the

- ensure you have working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms
installed if not already in place - whilst carbon monoxide is not yet a
legal requirement it will indicate to your tenant that your aim is to be
a Good Landlord.

Hope this helps - good luck !!!... Read More