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Thursday 12th February 2015

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Lisa Skinner

10:04 AM, 12th February 2015, About 7 years ago

How long does it take for a tenant eviction?

Reading this has been very informative as neither a landlord or evicted tenant ive been looking for some advice on the neighbours from hell we have!!
In july they were issued section 21 after failing to pay rent to the private landlord for 4 months despite recieving housing benefit for the rent. They were given the date od 28 oct 2014. This came and went.

They went to court 22 dec where they were given a date of 5 jan 2015. That came and went too. 7 jan they recieved a bailiff letter saying they had been instructed on the 6th jan.
Suprise suprise they are still there. Acting as if nothings happened with no sign of leaving or even packing. We know the game they are playing waiting for the bailiff to hand them a letter to run to the council with.
We are just so frustrated and cant see any light at theend of the tunnel we just want our normal life back?? Can anyone give me further advice?... Read More