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18:16 PM, 4th April 2016, About 6 years ago

What Will Happen To UK Property Investment?

Reply to the comment left by "Ranjan Bhattacharya" at "02/04/2016 - 18:48":

My take is that this is only the first step aimed at tax revenue and shaking the BTL tree to see what's left in a couple of years.
Next I suspect will be an introduction of rental caps to ensure rental properties remain affordable despite a shortage, then the big pension funds and investors will move in as in Hull and a German model of corporate ownership with fixed rents will become the norm with a very much reduced private sector. At least I may well be pushing up daisies by then so I'll not be affected!... Read More

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22:09 PM, 10th February 2015, About 7 years ago

Split 1 Title Into 3

Hi Jimmy
I'm not sure why are considering an SPV. You would have to set up a company to create an SPV as an SPV is a subsidiary of its parent . This is a complex scenario and you really do need to seek the appropriate professional advice before going to far.
In simplistic terms:-
If you setup a limited company you will need to have at least one director and one secretary. Whether you raise finance through the limited company, or privately you'll need to decide. Once you have setup a limited company you can then sell the freehold of the property to the limited company (this does of course mean the limited company will own the property and not you, even though you own the company! and the company must have sufficient funds to purchase the freehold from you, which may mean the company raising finance (or you could make a directors loan to the company). It will also mean that you can take a salary and/or dividends from the company as any sale of leases and rental income will belong to the company, not yourself (even though you own the company), and this is how you will release capital from the company. As the limited company will own the freehold, it is able to sell leases to new purchasers.
This is a very complex area and does need a knowledgeable person to steer you through all the tax, accounting, personal and legals areas.... Read More