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Chris Wheelwright

9:52 AM, 23rd January 2020
About 2 months ago

Solutions for Widow's Right to Remain in Family Home

Paul - I am not a family lawyer, but surely a life interest is exactly what it says, an interest for her lifetime. That possesses a value whilst she is living but on her death the right is extinguished and therefore the value must zero.
Or am I missing something ?... Read More

Chris Wheelwright

12:53 PM, 9th October 2017
About 3 years ago

Can I enforce safety checks on commercial tenant?

I do not believe these checks are mandatory except insofar as they relate to your tenants duties under Health and Safety legislation, as Neil has said.
Assuming the property is let on a Full Repairing and Insuring basis I am not sure why you need be concerned ? If there is an issue of dilapidations this would be dealt with at the end of the lease. It is difficult to pursue a claim during the course of the tenancy unless you can show that there is a clear diminution in your freehold reversionary interest.... Read More

Chris Wheelwright

9:39 AM, 7th January 2017
About 3 years ago

Tax advantages/disadvantages in selling a property company vs selling the properties individually

Mark, Clearly Nigel doesn't recognise the difference between paying CGT on the gain since April 2015 and since acquisition - but I'm sure many of us do - thank you!... Read More

Chris Wheelwright

11:19 AM, 31st July 2015
About 5 years ago

Year of Separation but how to split property

You can transfer the equitable interest in the properties in the year of separation by means of a Deed of Trust. Your wife will thereby retain a legal interest (as trustee) which means you do not need to change the mortgage until you wish to at some future date.
As the equity will already have been transferred there will be no SDLT however long the gap may be.
I would suggest that you do use a solicitor to draw up the trust deed.... Read More