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Anthony Endsor

16:38 PM, 15th April 2019
About a month ago

Theresa May announces she will ban section 21

This is absolutely disgusting, and there are literally no winners here. And to think I voted Conservative for fear Labour might do this. Betrayed doesn't even begin to describe it. Any tenant who is smiling now needs to think on. All mine will be facing eviction in the next few weeks before this comes in. I can't take the risk of never getting my property back when I need to sell, so good as my tenants are, they'd better hope there are landlords out there who would be happy to take a risk of never getting their property back because of tenant's good behaviour.... Read More

Anthony Endsor

22:47 PM, 9th March 2019
About 2 months ago

Night shifts vs access requests for viewings

Whilst I understand it is still your house for a couple of months, stone walling viewings will only cause added problems. If you are accomodating to the landlord, there is a possibility you may even be offered another of their houses if they have one available, or they may help you in some other way. If you cause them problems it will just get ugly and there are no winners there. Remember there is obviously a reason why they are selling, and if you don't co-operate with them, things will get difficult for you AND them.... Read More

Anthony Endsor

14:50 PM, 30th January 2019
About 4 months ago

Private landlords will be legally required to become members of a redress scheme

I would hope that anyone who has their properties managed by a letting agent who is already part of a redress scheme wouldn't need to become a member again as long as the property was managed by the agent. Otherwise, what are we paying the agents for?... Read More

Anthony Endsor

9:47 AM, 10th January 2019
About 4 months ago

Terrible time with council tenant and shock at how law treats landlords

Really sorry to hear about this situation. I can relate to it as something very similar happened to me a few years ago. I ended up losing thousands in rent and damage to the property.
I wouldn't trust a Council with a house in monopoly and HB tenants are long in the past for me following my incident.... Read More

Anthony Endsor

13:44 PM, 2nd January 2019
About 5 months ago

Suspicious Activities - How do I inspect?

You have to give 24 hours notice in order to gain access to the property, following which the tenant cannot unreasonably decline. If the tenant refuses access you can ask them if another date would be more convenient, but if they continue to refuse, you can issue a section 8 on the grounds of the tenant withholding access. If the property is in need of urgent repair and the tenant is refusing access, they will be putting themselves and the property at risk, but whatever the reason for your request, you have a legal right and in many cases an obligation to inspect the property.... Read More