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Anthony Endsor

18:10 PM, 16th August 2019
About a month ago

Selective Licensing costs used for Nottingham Carnival?

This is absolutely despicable. I seriously cannot believe I have just read this. The whole basis of licensing is to improve housing for tenants. Landlords are paying, in some cases quite a high cost for a license which is not meant to benefit the landlord in any way shape or form, but is supposed to be firstly a way of holding landlords accountable in some way to keep their houses in good order, with all the rules and regulations that are contained within the licences, and also for the money to be used for extra housing. In a time of the most serious housing shortage nationwide, for a Council to behave in this manner, frittering money away which landlords have paid to them to improve housing, by doing this is just beyond words. This is absolute theft of landlords' money, gained by deception.
Many Nottingham Landlords have been opposed to licensing in any case with good reason, as the necessity of the scheme has never been proven, indeed it hasn't been proven ANYWHERE it has been introduced, and now we see what they have been up to all along. Can we now expect to find out other Councils are doing the same? I wouldn't be at all surprised. This could become a massive nationwide issue. The police need to be involved in this as this is a theft of people's money and the person(s) responsible should be arrested and jailed. Sorry, but this is seriously an absolutely disgusting crime and I hope the people responsible will get their comeuppance.... Read More

Anthony Endsor

11:00 AM, 9th August 2019
About a month ago

Should she stay or go?

Yes I can see the trickiness of your situation. Of course, had this been the start of the tenancy you wouldn't touch a tenant like this with a barge pole, however with an established tenant it could be different.
There is a lot to think about, and I suppose it at least partly depends on your plan for when section 21 is banned, whether you would then be selling up or have another plan for the property.
For now though, in normal circumstances, I wouldn't evict a tenant on a 'might default' basis. That would be like a security guard in a shop saying 'that person looks dodgy, I'm going to arrest them in case they nick something.'
In the end though, like the rest of us, the scrapping of section 21 will bring down the curtain on any possibility of most tenants staying in any property.... Read More

Anthony Endsor

21:19 PM, 5th August 2019
About a month ago

Shelter's call for Boris to follow through on Section 21 ban

I really do hope Boris doesn't take any notice of this left wing, Communist piece of filth who supposedly represents the answer to all homelessness, but instead actually is probably one of the main courses of it.
The RLA and NLA need to email the opposite argument to Boris and ask him not to go through with it. After all, it wasn't his policy to begin with so he wouldn't be breaking any promises to anyone.
If only tenants knew just what effect this could have on them, maybe the government would see that they could lose votes from all sides if they go ahead with this. So we need to be making tenants more aware as well, so they can push the case for this stupid proposal to be kicked into the long grass.... Read More

Anthony Endsor

12:46 PM, 24th July 2019
About 2 months ago

What can the PRS expect from Boris?

Reply to the comment left by Whiteskifreak Surrey at 24/07/2019 - 12:27
Of course Jeremy Hunt would have been I suppose.... Read More

Anthony Endsor

10:45 AM, 2nd July 2019
About 3 months ago

Evicting vulnerable tenant in hospital - Landlord Action response

Hi Joyce

I am very sorry to hear about this situation. It sounds as though your tenant has had a really hard time through no fault of her own, and now you're left with a rent arrears mess to clear through no fault of your own.
The first thing to remember as a landlord is your job is to house the tenant, meet your obligations to the house then ensure the rent is paid. Whatever happens with the hospital or the tenant's state of mind is out of your control so you shouldn't be dragged into that. Your letting agent would have realised this and he knows it's his job to ensure the rent is paid. In all situations there has to be a solution of some sort. If your tenant cannot afford to pay, the question has to be asked as to why, and who is then responsible. All the hospital could ever do would be to provide a report as to your tenant's health to the authorities solely for the purpose of assessing any claim for benefits.
I presume by all this you do not have Rent Guarantee Insurance if you're worried about the rent and court costs, as this would all be covered if you did.
Be it as it may, I would say no you are not being too harsh. You are owed a lot of money stretching back over a long period of time. It needs paying and it's your tenant's responsibility to ensure it is paid. I would say the fact she has got a number of friends in the Convent should mean someone is able to help.
Under NO circumstances does your tenant or anybody else have the right to block access for a Gas Safety Inspection. This is a legal requirement and you are putting yourself in danger of a huge fine by not doing this. It won't be your tenant who will get fined, it'll be you. Your letting agent should know that and is being very irresponsible in allowing this to continue. It is your tenant's friend who is being unreasonable in not allowing it, not you or the letting agent for asking, but it must get done. Your letting agent should have served a 24 hour notice for access which your tenant would be legally obliged to comply with. Failing this, you should be taking your tenant to court for breach of contract and failing to allow you to fulfill a legal obligation.
As for your tenant wanting to put things right, I would say it's too little too late.
Will the court automatically grant possession? I would say you need a good lawyer to help you as the simple answer is no. The courts are notorious for falling on the side of the vulnerable even if they are clearly in the wrong so you'll need to state a good case to get the property back.
If you get possession, it is the tenant's responsibility to clear the house of all furniture, so you shouldn't have to worry about that. If this fails to happen there are procedures you would then have to follow in terms of how long you would need to hold on to the furniture before you could dispose of it. You must make it clear to the tenant you intend to follow these.... Read More