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Lee Pye

16:25 PM, 12th April 2013, About 9 years ago

Fire sprinkler systems for HMO's - any thoughts?

Regardless of any regulatory issues of taking this path, I think it is a recipe for disaster !

The damage caused by the discharge of sprinklers would be tremendous and would leave you open to all sorts of claims for the tenants' personal possessions, every time the sprinklers go off. Given the nature of student lets on the whole, I cannot help but think that this would be frequently.

The cynic in me thinks that every time one of them has a broken iPad, laptop, tv or anything else for that matter, the sprinklers would be mysteriously activated. Much in the same way it would by somebody 'having a laugh' when there's a house party in full flow ! That of course doesn't even include the times when one of the tenants accidentally sets fire to the toaster or leaves the oven on and the door open etc...etc.

I'd be interested to see what path you eventually take, but if it was me, I'd be taking the pain of the ceiling upgrade now and not having to live with sprinkler issues forever. Maybe you could even incorporate some degree of sound proofing into the scheme as well if your budget would stretch to that ?

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