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Monday 12th January 2015

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Tina Monger

14:06 PM, 2nd December 2015, About 6 years ago

Paul Goulder of North Walsham Norfolk

hi paul i was wondering have you got any 2 bed houses with gas central heating and back garden in north walsham as im due to have a little boy next month (January 2016) and me and my partner live in a very small one bedroom house and i have noticed mold growing near the windows but i have kept it under control so i thought i would be fine until this morning i notice all the clean baby clothes have mold growing all around and on top of them so im just really worried and concered for mine and my unborn babys health...the council isnt helping us neither and l i just want to move out asap i cant afford to go private with an esate agent but i will have a deposit to put on a new place if need be.. please let me know asap if you can help... p.s my partner works full time and im on maternity leave thanks... Read More