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11:33 AM, 14th September 2018, About 4 years ago

Landlords Insurance - Landlords Buying Group

I started a quote on my btl property and discount insurance called me even before I had finished and sent the form. I found they were very pushy -the first quote they gave me came in at £250+ and ended up at £99, whereas my previous insurer had quoted £109 for renewal without any discussion. I agree with Mr Mellor and cannot understand why they are unable to give a competitive price when they are supposed to get the best deal for us - the customer.... Read More


10:23 AM, 13th April 2018, About 4 years ago

Anti-social Tenants in the flat above

We had this problem in a block of 3 -we owned the ground floor flat, the middle flat was causing problems with their loud music at unsociable hours and suspected drug use. The top floor flat was also very unhappy about the situation. When my tenant gave in his notice after 4 months citing the reason as the flat above - I contacted the Environmental Health department of the local council who visited the flats and asked them to fill out a log for 2 weeks of the noise and disturbance of the middle flat. The EH were able to have the tenants removed from the middle flat (they also found that it was an unregistered hmo). So my advice would be to contact the local Environmental Health dept and explain the noise pollution.... Read More


10:33 AM, 11th January 2017, About 5 years ago

Vandalism of Period Features

I would leave it - it will appeal to someone Not everyone wants to be the same as others. I would make it into a feature on the listing - what goes round comes round.... Read More


13:11 PM, 5th January 2017, About 5 years ago

Open retention and unknown costs on Repo - Should I complete today?

Hi there
I have a freehold property btl but pay management fees to look after the communal open spaces - these are usually sold off if they were owned by the armed forces or suchlike therefore no council or water/sewage company had adopted the roads, sewers or open spaces at that time- so a management company would look after these spaces and charge each property owner an amount that would cover this yearly. I would get your solicitor to earn his money and ask which management company they use to do this and ask them about costs ect - but don't get pushed into anything - it seems a little fishy if you ask me.... Read More


15:33 PM, 9th May 2016, About 6 years ago

Recoup costs from tenants owing arrears and caused damage?

Hi Penny

As David said you are unlikely to get anything back anyway without spending a lot of time and money. My property was trashed - tenant in arrears and when we had been to court for the third time to get her (and her 4 children) out by bailiffs, the judge said to us in front of her "I would award you damages and arrears but you are unlikely to get them" So what chance of getting any recompense? She owed us over £3000 plus damages to the property plus 2 years rent while it was being renovated.Be glad you have your property back!... Read More