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Saturday 27th December 2014

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Jacqueline Bullock

21:31 PM, 27th December 2014
About 6 years ago

Hermay Ltd to be investigated

Good evening Mark! I was recently scammed of all my savings by 2 people who go under the name of Reid Marsh Investment Manager at Hermay's and Nicholas Robson. The account I transferred the money into was a Barclay's account and Reid Marsh was, according to Nicholas Robson, `working for Barclay's Bank in an important position; It was this information that I then agreed to invest the money with Hermay's.
I am 74 years of age and the loss of all my savings has caused me considerable stress and financial problems.
I noticed on your website that Hermay is now been wound up by the FCA, which I contacted a few days ago and when speaking to them they didn't appear to be aware of the situation with Hermay. I have contacted Barclay's Bank and am in the process of sending an email listing all the relevant information. I also noticed on the Mary Monson website that if [Barclays has allowed an individual[s] to open a bank account without proper diligence and it has been used to defraud then the bank could be held responsible and liable for any losses incurred.
I would appreciate if you could give me any further relevant information that may help me to retrieve the money that I have lost.
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