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Darcy Kanags

13:43 PM, 25th February 2015, About 7 years ago

Deductions from deposit during tenancy

Reply to the comment left by "Joe Bloggs" at "25/02/2015 - 12:24":

Thanks for both the comments.

£30 is cheap for the contractor but it is still my pennies and an unnecessary expense as this is something I would have been able to repair myself have done so in the past. The estate agent's argument is that the damp had a negative impact on the viewings. From experience the damp/condensation is an issue that repeats itself in the flat frequently, so no doubt before I vacate the flat in a month's time I will have to clean the same area the contractor repaired.

My preference is to sort this out through deposit protection service too.... Read More

Darcy Kanags

12:01 PM, 24th February 2015, About 7 years ago

Deductions from deposit during tenancy

Hi Mark,

Many thanks for your response.

Before I left on holiday I had a chat with the agents and verbally agreed for the viewings to take place during my absence. As long as the agents accompany the viewer I couldn't see a reason not to allow the viewing. At the time I did request the agents to drop me an email confirming date/time they access the property but they haven't done so.

I feel upset that they did not give me a chance to rectify it before calling the contractor. In the first instance I overlook my cleaning I'm charged £30! Yet there have been many occasions where they have ignored my requests for repair work on leaking toilets, showers, security lighting by the stairs/entrance to the flat. I've either given up out of frustration for the lack of response and devised my own workarounds. Due to lack of proper lighting I slipped and fell by the entrance, bruised lip. I contacted the agents for repair work, the response at the time and for subsequent requests was 'the landlord is getting a quote'. So, to date I use a travel torch to access the stair case/entrance for the flat when dark.

So, yes if I fought, it would be as a matter of principle and I hope there is still a case to fight even if I allowed the viewings to happen.

In the mean time will hold back on rating the agent, at least until my check-out inspection is complete.

Darcy... Read More

Darcy Kanags

11:20 AM, 12th January 2015, About 7 years ago

Tenant check-out delay

Reply to the comment left by "Neil Robb" at "14/12/2014 - 17:36":

Many thanks for all your advise.
I emailed tenant to say that although they vacate the property on the 15th, at their request the hand-over of the property is not until the 17th. This prevents me from gaining possession of the property on the 15th. So, the tenancy agreement continues until the tenants are ready to do formal check-out and hand over the property back to me. Although, as per the tenancy agreement, the rent is chargeable from the 15th of each month, I will not do so for the duration from the 15th Jan '15 to 17th Jan '15 inclusive.

They withdrew their request to be present at the check-out and asked me to go ahead with the check-out inspection on the 15th.

I do have to visit the property on the 17th to complete general maintenance work so I said they can handover the keys first thing in the morning on Saturday. I did invite them to be present for the check out on the 15th if they can make it. I will be changing alarm code to the property as soon as I walk in on the 15th and will not be releasing deposit until I get the keys back.... Read More

Darcy Kanags

19:39 PM, 11th December 2014, About 7 years ago

What To Do With A Terrible Letting Agent Who Laughs In Your Face

Reply to the comment left by "Mark Alexander" at "26/09/2014 - 13:18":

In addition to the 'save as' method you can capture a screenshot whilst the agent site is loaded in your browser with the images of your property. This should capture the entire screen including the agent web address. Paste in paint and save as *.jpg. Sometimes if the images are pulled out of the site the web page may not load correctly.

Just additional evidence to support your claims against the agent.... Read More

Darcy Kanags

19:15 PM, 11th December 2014, About 7 years ago

Tenant check-out delay

Thanks for the response.

So essentially do you mean that the tenancy agreement would remain effective until the check out regardless of when the tenant moves out?

Is it unreasonable or is there any legal grounding that prevents me from stating to the tenant that the tenancy agreement remains effective until they are ready to do the check out on the 17th? Does the tenancy agreement has to come to an end on the day the tenant vacates the property?

If the tenancy agreement is effective I can charge rent. However for the duration 15th - 17th I have opted not to. If they further delay the check-out and the tenancy agreement is effective I will charge rent as it prevents me from accessing the property.... Read More