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Paul Thomas

17:15 PM, 2nd February 2020, About A year ago

Am I visiting my daughter as Mum or Landlord?

Reply to the comment left by Judith Wordsworth at 02/02/2020 - 14:49
Sorry, didn't read the geographic location bit.... Non devils advocate either.

So, my money is on additional people staying...... Read More

Paul Thomas

9:03 AM, 1st February 2020, About A year ago

Am I visiting my daughter as Mum or Landlord?

Perhaps another way of looking at the problem is that you keep popping round to see your daughter in a well meaning Gesture and your daughter finds it a little intrusive and has asked the other lodger to play devil's advocate. Easier to do it that way than have a difficult conversation with mum.

But, my gut tells me you've got someone staying more than they should be. You're gut is normally right.... Read More

Paul Thomas

12:23 PM, 16th March 2019, About 2 years ago

Who is responsible for paying for a lock on HMO bedroom door?

In my HMO's, I have no locks on the bedroom doors. I explain this when the tenant looks. Basically, if you can't trust the people you live with... Don't live their. I also allow the existing tenants to-pre-vet the new tenant. I select suitable candidates, by age and what sort of work they do ( non-anti social hours for the existing tenants ) and other criteria. I know all of my tenants on first name terms and if their are any issues, they are welcome to contact me.

If however, I was letting an agent just 'fill' a HMO house for me and I had no interaction I would be more inclined to fit a door lock - key code with internal thumb opener.

But it's frustrating when a tenant see what you are doing and wants it changed. I just say, choose another house.... Read More

Paul Thomas

10:19 AM, 2nd July 2016, About 5 years ago

Property118 Action Group vs Bank of Ireland

So, basically, if i become a member (of you very informative site) for £10/Month, I will be represented to potentially be able to reclaim my losses incurred due to the BOI rate hike ?... Read More

Paul Thomas

13:05 PM, 21st May 2015, About 6 years ago

Charging Admin Fees Post Tenancy

Thanks for all of the comments.

Alas, no one has answered question 1. which is "Do I have to produce a copy of this contract". It would be interesting to know if I do "legally" need to keep old AST's. I do have unsigned (but completed) ones on the computer for the last 7 years, so I've got all my previous tenants details to hand. You do need them from time to time.

In relation to the fee, I can live waiving this. Prob. Question 1 is more important.

I am on good terms with the tenant, but it always seems to be me giving !! I've already done a lot (without thanks) for this tenant. Including finding her employment.

I was the person who fixed the trashed bathroom as they went away for two weeks and left taps running... ect... You know the sort....

I know when/if I give her a copy of a tenancy she's going to kick something up and I'm going to have to be chasing paper work. Yes, I know it all comes part and parcel....

Paul :-[... Read More