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Paul Thomas

12:23 PM, 16th March 2019
About 6 months ago

Who is responsible for paying for a lock on HMO bedroom door?

In my HMO's, I have no locks on the bedroom doors. I explain this when the tenant looks. Basically, if you can't trust the people you live with... Don't live their. I also allow the existing tenants to-pre-vet the new tenant. I select suitable candidates, by age and what sort of work they do ( non-anti social hours for the existing tenants ) and other criteria. I know all of my tenants on first name terms and if their are any issues, they are welcome to contact me.

If however, I was letting an agent just 'fill' a HMO house for me and I had no interaction I would be more inclined to fit a door lock - key code with internal thumb opener.

But it's frustrating when a tenant see what you are doing and wants it changed. I just say, choose another house.... Read More

Paul Thomas

10:19 AM, 2nd July 2016
About 3 years ago

Property118 Action Group vs Bank of Ireland

So, basically, if i become a member (of you very informative site) for £10/Month, I will be represented to potentially be able to reclaim my losses incurred due to the BOI rate hike ?... Read More

Paul Thomas

13:05 PM, 21st May 2015
About 4 years ago

Charging Admin Fees Post Tenancy

Thanks for all of the comments.

Alas, no one has answered question 1. which is "Do I have to produce a copy of this contract". It would be interesting to know if I do "legally" need to keep old AST's. I do have unsigned (but completed) ones on the computer for the last 7 years, so I've got all my previous tenants details to hand. You do need them from time to time.

In relation to the fee, I can live waiving this. Prob. Question 1 is more important.

I am on good terms with the tenant, but it always seems to be me giving !! I've already done a lot (without thanks) for this tenant. Including finding her employment.

I was the person who fixed the trashed bathroom as they went away for two weeks and left taps running... ect... You know the sort....

I know when/if I give her a copy of a tenancy she's going to kick something up and I'm going to have to be chasing paper work. Yes, I know it all comes part and parcel....

Paul :-[... Read More

Paul Thomas

21:23 PM, 8th April 2015
About 4 years ago

Landlord boundary fence - HELP!

If you do decided to do the fence yourself. Don't get fence panels. Go and get quotes for "Close Board Fencing", it lasts several times the length of panels, looks better is A LOT stronger and will be noticed by a purchaser.... Read More

Paul Thomas

18:08 PM, 8th April 2015
About 4 years ago

Landlords warned to protect themselves as fraud up 25% in 2014

Oddly enough. I have just been contacted by my local estate agent (today at 5:30pm), to inform me someone (name removed) has contacted them (and other agents) to get a valuation on my property.

Tomorrow I'm going to contact the other agents and see what the score is. I will also contact the police about this.

I'm going to see if the agent (who called me) is willing to go down and do a valuation and I will 'turn up' to get the 'red-handed'.

Oddly enough a week ago the girl (tenant) contacted me with a list of spurious 'issues' and complaints about other tenants. She has paid all her rent and is unto date with her rent.

I would appreciate any comments.

The agent contacted me (I owe him beer) as he had valued my property a few years past, it rang a bell, figured it was me and knew I wasn't selling...

I take back all I said about agents !... Read More