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Fen Jen

10:54 AM, 11th January 2019
About a month ago

The terrible position councils put benefit renters in

Cllr Ryan needs to realise that it is the benefit system that is the issue not the private landlords. If we could be sure that the housing benefit would be enough to cover the rent and that it would be paid for the duration of the tenancy then of course we would rent to a working single mother. However perhaps the mother should realise she cannot afford to live in London and move to a cheaper area where the rent would be covered by her income and child benefit. I have every sympathy because she is trying to make a living. It is the benefit system that is crap. Why do they insist in all areas of benefit in not paying enough for people to survive and then blame the landlords. Landlords have their mortgages and tax to pay. Doubtless the single mother pays very little tax compared to the landlord.... Read More

Fen Jen

10:55 AM, 6th December 2018
About 2 months ago

Student Council tax exemption - Proof required?

Well tell the students that unless they respond they will have to pay the council tax and you will put the rent up accordingly. Or if they don't like it they can move out. I cant see why you are letting yourself be bothered with this situation. It is the students responsibility to claim exemption from council tax not yours. I always just give a rent that includes the council tax and pay it myself.... Read More

Fen Jen

11:05 AM, 28th November 2018
About 3 months ago

Planning expert to give view on 4 year rule please

Good luck make sure your surveyor knows what he is doing. I spent over a year trying to get a certificate and I had planning permission only for it to be refused by the council. I have now appealed but will have to wait another year. Mine was over 10 years and it was still refused without any communication from the council just a publication on their website. I hope the property is not in Waltham Forest as you will be wasting your time.... Read More

Fen Jen

12:33 PM, 28th September 2018
About 5 months ago

New Landlord Association seeking pledges

Hi yes I will join fed up with the other organisations who do not help us.... Read More

Fen Jen

10:49 AM, 10th September 2018
About 5 months ago

Section 21 - The Bigger Picture not seen by Citizens Advice

The CAB and the tenants need to realise that if they are evicted because of mould and damp in the property it is because the tenants have caused it not because they have complained about it. How much mould do you have in your own home if you are a landlord. so why do landlords constantly have to shell out for expensive repair to the properties they rent out. Its because the tenants don't take care and open windows ventilate and clean their homes.... Read More