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david wigley

14:52 PM, 16th February 2015, About 7 years ago

Structural survey was OK but tenants report damp after just two weeks

Thanks for all the advice, really appreciate it.

I have contacted my surveyor and I am waiting for an email back.

I have also been in contact with Envirovent (thanks Mark) and told them the situation and there going to visit the property and assess the affected area.

I totally agree with what your saying about looking like your being pro-active so iv made sure my agent know's that iv contacted both of the above and that I am keen to get this sorted ASAP.

I haven't visited the property myself as I don't really want to meet the tenants face to face that's why I wanted to use an agent as I don't want a hands on approach (maybe that's me being stupid).

I didn't purchase rent guarantee but I'm sure I have legal fee's covered with my insurance. My policy document states
'Legal costs in respect of an alleged
breach of statutory duty under Health
and Safety, Consumer Protection or Food
Safety legislation'

Hopefully it doesn't come to that if i sort the problem quickly.

Thanks again for your help everyone. I am open to all advice and help.

I'm also thinking of joining a Landlords Association, do you recommend the NLA or go for my more local EMPO (Derbyshire).

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david wigley

20:49 PM, 21st November 2014, About 7 years ago

david wigley

20:16 PM, 21st November 2014, About 7 years ago

Newbie Landlord wanting thought's and advice on my plan

Thanks for your replies guys means alot 😀
I'm open to any advice and appreciate it all.

Regarding what you said about recommended accountants, I have had a little think and I'm going to contact the firm you advise to on here. Would rather go with one so highly rated instead of going my own way and learning the hard way.

Is there anywhere on here such as a check-list I could maybe use when I compare different lettings agents? Got a couple in mind that are in my area that sound OK but not sure what to ask them to decide between them.


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