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Paul Chambers

12:44 PM, 19th November 2014
About 7 years ago

Leaving letting agency and keeping tenant

Reply to the comment left by "Steve From Leicester" at "19/11/2014 - 11:34":

Thanks for the reply (and to everyone else for their replies)
I'd like to comment on a few of the points you've raised
The back yard is shared and in the yard there is a few outbuilding which I assume used to be toilets, the building isn't in any way linked or associated with the house, we asked the question if we could keep it and the answer was yes.

The washing machine, we asked if we should take it or leave it and what a new tenant would likely to prefer (it made no difference to us) the reply we got was it's as it's fairly new its always easier for the tenant if there's already a washing machine but it's best if you state it's a gift and you have no responsibility for it when it breaks down

As for the fireplace, this was another point we raised with the agent and stated that it wasn't fit for use and asked if we should get it repaired, the reply was that this day and age nobody uses them so their is no point repairing it and the best thing to do is list it as decoration purposes only, as he was the expert we assumed he knew best.

And lastly, the tenancy agreement, you state he is not there to teach me but to manage, surely thats what I pay them for, if I knew the in's and out's I wouldn't be employing someone to do it for me? I'd expect them to keep all the agreements etc up to date.

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