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16:04 PM, 26th November 2014, About 7 years ago

OM Property Management - Sublet fees and 'license'

I have the same issues with a company called Freehold Managers- my lease says I have to pay£30 each time I get a new tenant but they hound me constantly and basically send me fake invoices for a "notice of registration" they say I need to have. They also demand I contact them after each letter and put in writing I don't have a new tenant so they will have written evidence for when (not if- they are soooo agressive it's untrue) they take me to court! I wish these sharks could be regulated!... Read More

BOI BTL Customer

19:21 PM, 15th November 2014, About 7 years ago

Bank of Ireland increase differential on tracker rates

I too have rec’d a rejection letter from the FOS this week, saying that despite the clause being hidden away in the “residential” T&C’s, I am classed as a “professional investor” when it comes to any protection they could have given me- I can’t believe this unbelievable cop out!.

They say that they have examined the BOI financial situation and conclude they are indeed justified in increasing the differential- does this mean that BOI now have carte blanche to do as they please and the increase is applicable forever?-and going up as the base rate rises!!- I’m locked into this mortgage as I can’t change lender so have had to pay up. Since 2003 I have had a family, I currently work part time (day job is not “professional investor” funnily enough- I’m only that when it suits the BOI/FOS!!) and now my salary does not meet the min earning req with other lenders!!

If the FOS are really saying BOI can do this I don’t understand how they can just then walk away – don’t they need to be monitoring and re-checking the situation on an on- going basis? When (if) things have improved/changed for BOI (because thousands of customers like me are effectively bailing them out) they should surely be made to reconsider/reverse their decision (as it would no longer be justified under this magical clause they have dropped lucky with) and go back to the original terms?........yeah right!!.

It seems the FOS have left me high and dry and moving forward BOI are holding me to ransom now and for the whole duration of the mortgage!

I just don’t know what to do next!... Read More