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Neil Arnold

8:29 AM, 25th November 2020, About A year ago

Claiming possession of a part of my garden leased from the council?

I’d suggest it was very doubtful you’d succeed in an adverse possession claim - the council is likely to have records of the original lease & could prove their ownership.
Adverse possession laws were overhauled recently to avoid this type of land sitting.
Additionally, judges don’t look kindly on this kind of action.... Read More

Neil Arnold

7:21 AM, 1st July 2020, About A year ago

Urgent tenancy help required please?

Reply to the comment left by Kate Mellor at 29/06/2020 - 14:47
Not forgetting that Covid has extended the notice required to 3 months.... Read More

Neil Arnold

8:02 AM, 16th April 2019, About 3 years ago

Section 21 Ban - Government Consultation and Press Release

Doesn’t the press release show a predetermination of the issue by government prior to consultation?... Read More

Neil Arnold

5:49 AM, 30th October 2018, About 3 years ago

Landlord Reactions To The 2018 Autumn Budget

In regard the lettings relief, I assume that the budget allows this for property where it has been in shared occupancy with the owner but removes it for any period where it was exclusively let to a tenant. This is potentially a huge change, adding up to £40,000 to the taxable gain.... Read More

Neil Arnold

7:09 AM, 8th August 2018, About 3 years ago

Saga insurance - leaking cistern not covered

Also, be aware that a number of mainstream insurance companies won’t provide buildings & contents cover if tenants are in receipt of benefits.... Read More