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David Sanderson

13:19 PM, 27th July 2015, About 6 years ago

Empty Property

Hi Kathy,
definitely contact your local council's Empty Property Officer. They may be aware of the property.
Another option is to engage a tracing agent to pin down the identity and location of the owner.


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David Sanderson

13:58 PM, 29th June 2015, About 7 years ago

Local Authority Bullying

Alan, firstly I am very sorry the council have decided to charge 150% council tax on a property that appears to be in an area for clearance or demolition. These letters are sometimes sent out automatically after two years empty.

You may be able to apply for exemption under certain circumstances via two routes follow the link below to the particular local authority

Try to speak to the Local Authority's Empty Property Officer about the situation. They may have some discretion or ways of assisting you with the empty property.
If the property is uninhabitable you may have the option to apply to the Valuation Office to have the property delisted and it will no longer be liable for C Tax.
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David Sanderson

15:44 PM, 15th June 2015, About 7 years ago

Free Boiler Scheme for Landlord and Tenants

Hi Nigel,

in Carlisle, NW England we are referring people to NPower.
Cannot vouch for the scheme though. Try the eligibility checker, which will rely on the tenant proving proof.


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David Sanderson

18:09 PM, 14th May 2015, About 7 years ago

Legionella risk assessment update please

in reply to Sarah Hill,

a great précis of who is competent. For a low risk system / property a competent person is anyone who can follow the HSE guidance.

in reply to Karen Peel,
indeed testing can be a money making scam. If you pay to test for legionella you will find it. Some of these bacterium are not even harmful to health. The ones that are, are only harmful to those with under lying health problems, elderly or neo-nates - usually these people are in a clinical environment (hospitals, care homes).

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David Sanderson

12:33 PM, 17th April 2015, About 7 years ago

Legionella risk assessment update please

All very good advice.
The 6 page HSE leaflet is handy.
I can advise (as an appointed Responsible Person for Legionnaires' Disease) that a landlord has responsibilty to firstly risk assess the potential, then control it if unacceptable, record their actions and advise tenants.
Most properties / equipment can be simply managed by the landlord, with no need for regular checks or testing - provided you follow the HSE guidance and record your actions.
WHAT? High risk equipment such as shower heads, spray taps, spa pools
WHEN? Property is left vacant especially in the summer months
WHO? Neo-nates, elderly & those with underlying health conditions?

Four simple measures if the risk levels are unacceptable:
1. If possible - introduce chlorine into the hot water tank / system.
2. Keep hot water at point of delivery > 50 deg C
3. Long term vacant - safely purge system e.g. put poly bag over shower head with hole in it to prevent producing a fine spray.
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