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Paul Fenton

17:50 PM, 14th December 2016
About 4 years ago

Extractor fan or dehumidifier for bathroom?

Reply to the comment left by "Paul Green" at "05/12/2016 - 15:58":

You have a good point about Relative Humidity ( RH ) that in winter the external RH is higher than inside. However as cold air can only contain a relative small amount of water relative to hot air there is benefit of having a window open as the hot air ( assuming inside is heated and warmer than outside in winter) will carry out moisture . If the air temperature is around 10degrees centigrade higher inside it will carry almost twice the level of water as the cooler air outside . So on a cold winters day say 0 degrees outside verses 20 degrees inside the warm air inside would have around 4 times as much water in it to have the same relative humidity. Therefore humidity activated fans will work well in winter when condensation issues mainly occur. Personally I have tried the cheaper end of the market and not been satisfied with the fans working and now use Envirovent having trialed them is several properties , they are expensive but my view is that the cost will be recouped as I will be holding properties long term and they have very low maintenance requirements being cyclonic fans. I have not tried Nuaire. So that the fans can't be switched off all my electric switched to switch off fans have been changed so they need a special key to switch off so they run all the time . One of the main complains about fans i get is the noise and these fans can't be heard unless there is someone having a shower when they speed up .

I also have a few heat exchanger fans but they are more expensive and cost more to install and maintain but have done a very good job in smaller flats for peopel desperate to save every penny of heat.... Read More

Paul Fenton

12:32 PM, 15th September 2013
About 8 years ago

United Nations call for Bedroom Tax to be Axed

Its a poor reflection on the United Nations that they employ a such politically motivated person , the UN need to rein her in... Read More

Paul Fenton

11:43 AM, 9th February 2013
About 8 years ago

Solar Panels - should landlords fit them to rental properties?

I have free panels installed on one of my HMO's and have calculated if the tenants are using electric during the day my maximum saving is around £200 per year on energy costs based on average sunshine per year based on previous statistics. Maybe its my imagination but we seem to be having a lot of cloudy weather which does not generate much . Also remember an inverter is on 24 hours a day and consumes energy I think about £20/yr . If tenants are not at home during the day there maybe no energy savings ! and I may be down £20/yr. I think free panels work best with people paying the bill as they will set timers for washing machines/dryers/electric heaters to run during the day particularly when sun is expected as cloud on mine only generates a low amount of electric insufficient to run all these devices. ( depends on how many panels mine is based on average 3 bed victorian terrace)... Read More

Paul Fenton

21:11 PM, 30th January 2013
About 8 years ago

Tracking down a bad tenant - advice sought please

I would call his employment to check he is there and if you decide to serve a notice on him check if it is acceptable legally to do at place of employment? I am not sure . If you took next of kin details on the origonal tenant application form call them up for details you need to work out your approach so this information is forthcoming. Once you can serve notices and take it to court to get a court order then if no payment get an attachment to earnings with his current employer, you will need certain information which should have been taken on your the tenancy application form . If the tenant becomes unemployed it will be difficult to get any payment... Read More

Paul Fenton

8:44 AM, 29th October 2012
About 9 years ago

Norwich City Council use Proceeds of Crime Act against Criminal Landlord

I don't know how dirty the bathrooms were , but it does sound amazing that you can get fined for a dirty bathroom , when the majority of tenants in my experience are too lazy to clean up after themselves !... Read More