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  • Capital gains on BTL to be taxed as income

    2016-08-25 17:59:44

    So when will this be introduced? or has it already?

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  • What is the science behind an offer price?

    2016-08-01 15:43:14

    I make many offers for each successful bid, I'd be concerned if most bids were accepted. Art or science? State of the market has a huge bearing on what discount you can get away with. Don't bid above what you feel comfortable with......

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  • Expensive quotes for new build?

    2016-06-30 16:46:11

    you should check but I don't believe you should be paying a builder VAT on a new build if he's doing the lot anyway. If you're using subs it gets more complicated. There should be no VAT on supply and fix items from subs either although they will tell you different. £150/ft2 doesn't sound a mil

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  • Advice appreciated for my biggest venture yet on build cost and time?

    2016-06-03 14:37:29

    Hi Allan, Where you are in the country has a huge effect on your build costs, so whereabouts are you?/ 130/ft2 might be closer to the mark in the Oxford area. Small units are relatively more expensive to build per ft2 Sounds exciting......

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  • Buy to Let starting out – Families DSS Student HMO?

    2016-03-28 13:06:04

    Some interesting stuff from the guys above. The day BTL appeared in the daily mail I knew we were in trouble!! BTL will be a rocky road over the next few years I think. As I understand it holiday lets are not currently covered by c.24. so one to look at?? I have been keeping my eye out for comme

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