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northern landlord

15:43 PM, 19th May 2022, About A week ago

Eddie Hughes, Minister for the Private Rented Sector, to address national landlords conference

Eddie Hughes? Never heard of him. Minister for the Private rented sector? No such department. No such post! Eddie Hughes currently holds the Government post of Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities). As an Under Secretary he is at the bottom of the ministerial pecking order.
Is that the best they can do for £240? For that sort of money I would expect Adele or Elton John! I don’t see it being a sell-out gig. Expect some heavy discounting nearer the time.... Read More

northern landlord

12:48 PM, 12th May 2022, About 2 weeks ago

Tenant cannot quite raise enough to buy their home?

Many landlords would like to sell up for a variety of reasons. Many tenants pay rent amounts that would be comparable to mortgage payments. I have long thought that there should be some sort of help to buy (not right to buy) scheme to assist tenants who could pay the mortgage but don’t have the deposit. Landlords would benefit from no estate agent fees and the tenant would benefit from having no moving and setting up house costs. Capital gains tax rules could be changed where a sale is made to a long standing tenant. The landlord could opt to pay the tax (which they would have to pay anyway) in the form of a discount to the tenant instead of handing cash over to HMRC. Also selling to a tenant could offer a way for landlords to escape the cost of EPC upgrades as once the rented house becomes an owner occupied house the new rules would not apply.
I am surprised that some financial institutions have not come up with a suitable scheme (maybe they have?) the biggest hurdle would be the Government giving up the capital gains tax to help fund a discount. Not all tenants could benefit, it would not help those in receipt of benefits as a lot of these would be lost if tenants became owners but it could help many who are just on the cusp of buying their own place, who like where they live and just need a bit of help over the line. Landlords are not charities but I am sure if it was easy and convenient to sell to a good tenant many would be willing to accept lower offers.... Read More

northern landlord

10:34 AM, 6th May 2022, About 3 weeks ago

Bank Base rate kicking us when we're down

Reply to the comment left by Mick Roberts at 06/05/2022 - 08:04
Careful Mick. How dare you go on holiday! I can just see the headlines if Polly at Shelter gets hold of this news “Grasping landlords go on luxury holidays using ill- gotten gains extracted from their struggling tenants” You have also unfortunately given your location away, I expect ACORN will be sending a hit squad round to harass you as you sit by the pool! Seriously, relax and have a good one.... Read More

northern landlord

12:20 PM, 27th April 2022, About a month ago

Shelter needs to stop its campaign of scaremongering

The NRLA showing some backbone at last, instead of just appearing to roll over and accept everything that the Government under the influence of Shelter, Generation Rent etc. dream up to bash landlords. Left the NRLA as it seemed more concerned with delighting tenants and trying to sell me stuff rather than fighting for the people who pay their wages. Keep this up and I might re-join!... Read More

northern landlord

11:31 AM, 27th April 2022, About a month ago

Polly Neate - "It’s appalling that every seven minutes another private renter is slapped with a no-fault eviction notice"

According to the” English Private Landlord Survey 2018 by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government”: “The most common reasons for evicting, asking a tenant to leave or not renewing a tenancy were due to rent arrears (58%) or due to the tenant not caring for the property (45%).”
Most evictions use Section 21 as it is a mandatory ground and not subject to the discretion of a judge. So how is banning section 21 going to solve the problems of rent arrears and property damage? It won’t. Evictions will continue as normal except they will be more difficult and costly for the landlord. Many landlords after a costly and lengthy eviction process may well decide to sell up, especially in the light of the further landlord bashing proposals coming down the line. Some landlords may decide to sell up as properties become naturally empty. Others may look at the writing on the wall, evict even good tenants to get out now rather than try to extricate themselves later.... Read More