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2 months ago
Here's My Bitcoin Strategy - What's Yours?

Great article Mark. You have made me think again, and doubtless many others.

Every other article I have read about Bitcoin is overly opinionated in one direction or another. Yours is the most balanced and thought out I have read so far. Well done and good luck with your "punt".... Read More


3 months ago
Will you be hit by the Budget?

Investment into the provision of all housing tenures needs to be incentivised to attract anybody with money, not just the corporates. That is the only way to fix the housing crisis.

Increase supply, increase competition and increase choice.

Discouraging investment into any housing sector provision is plain lunacy. Why can't the Chief Money editor of The Guardian not see that? Why is he so brainwashed by political propaganda?

Homelessness and poor living conditions only exists in the absence of supply of decent housing.

Increase supply!

Encourage investment.... Read More


6 months ago
Two tax planning models to avoid

Hi Mark

I thought I had read somewhere that you once invested into a film partnership scheme. Were you one of the ones that got caught out?... Read More


7 months ago
Oh The Irony Of It All

Socialists are generally more philanthropic. Nevertheless, I have much to be grateful to Property118 for and I like the idea so I have made a donation. Hopefully, many others will follow my lead and the improved commenting functionality will appear soon... Read More


A year ago
Mohammed hits back at landlord tax changes

Reply to the comment left by "Steven Askari" at "10/12/2016 - 10:15":

Would you seek lenders consent to change your roof?

Probably not I'm guessing?

Now ask yourself why.

The answer is that the lender would almost certainly give you the run-around in order to protect itself. They would probably ask for details of the contractors, their insurance and a multitude of other things.

My point is this, same as what Mark is saying; if a lenders T&C's do not compel you to seek consent then doing so will merely open up a can of worms. This is because they are natural worriers.... Read More