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Tuesday 16th September 2014

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Ralph Davies

11:49 AM, 17th September 2014, About 7 years ago

Tenant gave fraudulent information to Utility provider

I too am having a huge problem with e.on over a similar problem and this has been gong on since September 2013.
It is a very long story but basically i had tenants who informed they were leaving at the beginning of September 2013. Itook meter readings and a dated photo of the meter. A bill arrived at the property in the tenants names so I forwarded it on the their new address assuming it to be their final bill. later an estimated bill arrived so I rang e.on in October and gave the reading I had taken. Another bigger but estimated bill arrived so rang e.on again and this time they informed me that the tenants had given their leaving date as 31st July2013 but would not tell me the meter reading as it was none of my business but said if I should send my dated photo of the meter, proof of when the tenants left, forwarding address, tenancy agreement etc. - which i did (alarm bells were ringing because we could tell by the estimated reading of 3???? was way out from the reading I took of 5???? ) Heard nothing till February when i had a bailiffs letter arrive at the property (it was empty from September and on the market and I was only going every so often). Obviously contacted e.on again asked me to e-mail all the information photos ets which i did they just kept saying the readings were inconsistent with previous readings which I explaind must be due to the tenants giving false readings the whole time they were there (3 Years). The meter was never read by e.on. I then met the meter reader e.on said that was inconsistent so I had to meet another reader(this was in April).
E.on kept telling me it was a 3rd party dispute but I insisted that The tenants had systematically been defrauding e.on with false low readings. When they gave a false leaving date of July 31st they had no intention of paying the electricity they usedeven in August. E.on insist they have to believe the tenant and cannot alter any information provided by them regardless that it is clearly the tenants in the wrong. Presumably this gives carte blanche for anybody to give false readings when they leave a property.
They had paid all their rent and did not do a flit , as far as I am aware E.on have never bothered to pursue or even contact the tenants in any way. I have spent hours on the phone with various complaints/investigation depts sent dozens of e-mails. The complaint was closed by e.on for no reason at one point and i had to insist it was not closed.

The shortfall on their bill is over £3,000.00. E.on have issued therir ' final position' that i am liable for this sum. All the information is now with the ombudsmen but a phone call with them before when i gave an overview of the situation was that it is a' third party dispute' so I am not holding out much hope there. I will continue to refuse to pay (the only actual bill I have now received uses an estimated start figure and the my final reading so I wouldn't pay it anyway)

So Just waiting to see what happens next... Read More