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Adam Hosker

14:41 PM, 25th November 2016
About 5 years ago

Disproportionate presence of Conservative Party donors and supporters

You missed my name off the list. Anyone investing in property seeing Socialist Ed Miliband with his rent caps was mad not to help fund the Tories.

Its odd to say after 3% SDLT, Clause 24, Tougher BTL Affordability Calcs, BoE to Regulate BTL, Selective Licensing Expanding, Neutering Possession Orders over none existent "retaliatory eviction" and Universal Credit.

Chances are come next election - I will be Voting for Theresa May over Far-Left Extremist Jeremy Corbyn, giving a few pennies so I can get a new conservative Mug for my Coffee.

Though if you want evidence that institutional investors are spared, whilst "corner shop" landlords are taking a hit:

The new SDLT was supposed to exclude large landlords (it was revised in the end), Clause 24 does not effect institutional Landlords, the Tougher BTL Affordability has to take "Tax" into account which means tougher affordability for personal rather than LTD Co and every time the housing minister talks about Landlords. The word "institutional" tends to be in front of it.

I have majority of my property investments in LTD Companies and they are selling like hot cakes via Bespoke Finance.... Read More

Adam Hosker

17:16 PM, 25th August 2016
About 5 years ago

Capital gains on BTL to be taxed as income

There was me thinking government wanted Landlords to use shared ownership, or sell to Sitting Tenants and FTBs once they fix the access to finance issues. Its starting to sound a bit expensive to dispose of property.

Removing incentive to sell, kinda makes the market a bit stagnant.... Read More

Adam Hosker

18:35 PM, 18th January 2016
About 5 years ago

Increase Housing Supply – Tax Regime Comparisons

A Royal Commission on housing would be very interesting, Above the Landlord issue as Social Housing providers also feel under attack - as - the government pursues a "home owning democracy" in Thatchers shadow.

This petition certainly seems to cross housing boundaries.... Read More

Adam Hosker

12:37 PM, 30th November 2015
About 6 years ago

Adam Hosker

14:19 PM, 3rd March 2015
About 6 years ago

Unpaid council tax £9 fees £500!!

I believe they will still require a Court Order to remove goods.

Until then; write an email to them with subject and body "STAGE 1 COMPLAINT" and outline your complaint. It would also be a good idea to CC this to your local councillor.

Their is a certain onus; for them to explain and outline in the complaint. So you may start to understand there "reasoning" if they have any.... Read More