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Thursday 19th August 2021

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Martin Smallpage

22:21 PM, 19th August 2021, About 4 months ago

Statutory filing for BTL companies - £100 software required by HMRC?

Arrrggh in same situation now. Why do HMRC have the £5200 arbitrary seeming limit on property income?! I have bought the software mentioned above but am not getting on well. I have already produced my accounts but it won’t let me just enter my own figures as you describe and forces me through a wizard.

On the CT600 I can’t work out where allowable and non-allowable expenses go for the BTL business. Frustratingly it’s all so clear on my P&L statement but the cumbersome form makes it very confusing. Until the online web service flagged I had over £5200 that seemed straightforward too, but this form….... Read More

Martin Smallpage

15:32 PM, 19th August 2021, About 4 months ago

Software for property company tax return?

Hi, I've just hit the same problem... I've submitted micro entity accounts via the joint HMRC / Companies House tool but when it then goes onto the CT600 I'm unable to enter the income in the correct sections as rental income is over £5200. I could just stick the income in the turnover section rather than property income section, but I'd like to get it right. HMRC say they are unable to advise... Read More