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Saturday 17th July 2021

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Charlie Habberfield

19:20 PM, 17th July 2021, About 2 months ago

Approached by compensation firm about Mortgage Securitisation?

I changed my investment property mortgage from the Woolwich (who refused to extend my loan term when I was obliged to retire due to cardiology issues) to West Bromwich through a broker WB went bust and sold out to Mortgage Express who came under the Govt rescue plan who sold out to Rosinca all payments were up to date with some 3 years left to run on my original contract a broker successfully negotiated a re-run with Rosinca Zepher when Topaz came to an end with a Rosinca valuation on my property from £116 thou' to £160 thou I agreed with the broker for a loan of £130 thou' having gone through every search possible (paid for) the offer went through 2 days before Xmas & 2 weeks before the current mortgage came to an end Rosinca's solicitors wrote to say they advised Rosinca not to proceed I am still arguing the case under horrendous stress which has now made me terminally ill - is this foul play ? and what options do I have ? suggestions welcomed please... Read More