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Alan Bromley

12:53 PM, 31st December 2020, About A year ago

Definition of 'single household'?

Thanks for the update Wendy, I'll be interested to see how it goes and I wish you luck.

I have a 2-bed flat in Hove which I let it to a couple and the brother of the woman in the relationship, which seemed to me to fit the definition of a household. The brother moved out and they wanted to let the second bedroom to an unrelated person but I said no, on the basis that I did not want to get challenged should there be any problems with the tenants.... Read More

Alan Bromley

9:46 AM, 13th November 2020, About A year ago

Do I borrow and renew lease now?

This surely depends on your personal circumstances: your age, whether you have dependants, whether you plan to sell the property in your lifetime, and so on. If it's more a source of income than an investment it may not be worth it at the current time. There is the added complication of the marriage value, which others on here know more about than me. It's worth considering various scenarios.... Read More

Alan Bromley

11:08 AM, 12th November 2020, About A year ago

Garden outbuilding for airbnb/short-let regulation?

My own experience here with Wealden District Council and the installation of a garden room suggests that you may need planning permission if there is plumbing of any kind. Our room was to be used as an artist's studio and even that set them off when the company referred to it a garden studio so we had to tell them it was a garden room, which they happily accepted under permitted development. We got a certificate of lawful development before we started.

I have heard of people retro-fitting plumbing but all it takes is a nosy neighbour to report you and you are in trouble. There is also the matter of public liability and your own household insurance to consider. The latter would normally cover outbuildings (but not the contents, so check) but if you plan to use it as rental accommodation without the necessary planning approval that's a completely different thing. If a visitor made a claim for falling out of bed the public liability cover within your household insurance probably would not cover it unless you had obtained consent from your insurers.

Coming back to the council, I believe that you will definitely need planning permission for a habitable room - I think that applies nationwide - so be careful if you think you can bypass the rules!... Read More

Alan Bromley

10:10 AM, 3rd July 2020, About 2 years ago

What can freeholder do if leaseholder dies intestate?

You seem a bit confused as to your rights as Freeholder. The flat could be sold by whoever inherits it, whether that is a beneficiary in a will (who could also choose to live in it) or the Crown if the person dies intestate. It could be sold with the current lease or if there is a named beneficiary that person might want to extend the lease but as there are less than 80 years left that may not be worth the hassle due to the marriage value. If the Crown gets it they would probably sell it at auction and the buyer would negotiate the extension of the lease.

An executor (or the Crown) would be required to obtain the market value for the flat but you could buy it in which case you could extend the lease yourself and sell it on at a higher price. However, I'm not sure how the taxman would tax this increase in value so you'd need to take advice.

You won't be GIVEN the flat if there's any of the lease remaining which, since you are 76 and the lease is 53, would require a degree of immortality!... Read More

Alan Bromley

8:47 AM, 26th September 2019, About 2 years ago

Should I sell or risk tenants buying at undervalue price?

It's just one of the pottier policies that Labour are tossing around under Corbyn (like doing a raid on private schools and setting up a drug company). Partial confiscation of someone's personal investments (which is what this would effectively be) would fall under human rights legislation and they would have a fight on their hands, even where landlords have incorporated.

Realistically, the chances of Labour getting into power with an overall majority are nil. When he fails at the next election he will probably be tossed out by the party as there are already mutterings about this. Hopefully, it will swing back to the centre ground. Don't panic Mr Mainwaring!... Read More