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14:25 PM, 29th May 2021, About 4 months ago

Landlords threaten council with Judicial Review over HMO Licensing Scheme

Lucky are you York landlords that an HMO is only classified at 5 individuals or more (being more than 1 household).
In Haringey north London the maximum unrelated adults is 2.
I have a lady in her 50's with her adult son age 20 who rent a 2 bedroom flat. This lady now has a new partner BUT not married to him. If he moves into the 2 bedroom flat to be with her and help support financially it will become an HMO EVEN though of course the council will be told these 3 individuals live as 1 family unit.
It is all ridiculous, bizarre, exacerbates homelessness and encourages deceit.
Yes, all about revenue.
Not as ridiculous as me having 3 empty properties and lots of applicants of low financial means who want to rent - but I'm not willing to rent without either a hefty PROTECTED deposit (illegal since July 2019) or strong guarantor.
The legislation making large protected deposits over 5 weeks rental value has been a killer to the housing market and poor tenants are paying £ thousands to commercial guarantor companies...who in turn most rent guarantee insurance services will not accept, rendering them all but useless.
What a horrible mess.
Bring on the legality of 6-month protected deposits and lenders willing to lend to benefits claimants (like a student loan).... and voila, homelessness in UK will be slashed in weeks.
Landlords can then be fully confident of not being victim of non-payment during the 5-7 month average total of Notice time + court + bailiff process.
A robust 6 full months held by a 3rd party (MyDeposits/Deposit Protection) instead of just 5 weeks is the only way to go, and even tenants agree this would be a massive help to them being housed. Fully refundable to their chosen lender at end of tenancy subject to usual exceptions.... Read More