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12:17 PM, 19th November 2021, About 2 months ago


Hi, yes there are all sorts of comments about what and when, it is or it isn't happening, it is approved it's not approved. It is all very confusing depending on what you read.

I'm an EPC assessor for both Commercial and Domestic properties and the only place I found to be certain of what is actually happening is to refer to the bill that has to be presented to Government for approval before it becomes law. I found this out only a couple of weeks ago because it was always the intention for the government to bring in this proposed legislation in the Autumn. I thought it would have been announced just before or around COP 26 , which would have made perfect sense. So I was surprised not to hear anything so that's when I started looking.

The link below is to the House of Commons bill. It got presented in August for it's first reading and normally the 2nd reading happens 2 weeks after that. For some unknown reason that has not happened and will now happen on the 18th March 2022. I have no idea how long things take but looking at the various stages after and then the House of Lords it must be summer next year before it is all finally approved.

Also on that link page under 'Current version of Bill' click on 'Get file' and there is an 8 page document which is exactly what is proposed. Have a read it is very interesting as it also has proposals for your own personal house and obligations of mortgage companies etc. Rented commercial properties to be a 'B' by 2030. Most people are not aware of these things.

The link is:-

As a personal thought I have always thought this proposal is a step too far so they may tweak it to a 'D' in 2025 (which was there original proposal) and 'C' 2 or 3 years later. But if they don't push it then all it does is delay when people take action and with the recent COP 26 and climate issues then they may well be able to push it through government as it is. Either way it is going to happen it is just a question of when.

Hope that helps, happy reading.
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