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Dave Moore

22:25 PM, 26th June 2013
About 8 years ago

Letting to Family Member

Please see below an extract of an email received from the London Borough of Hillingdon Council relating to my request to let to my daughter - they don't have any objections providing the tenancy is conducted on a commercial basis:-

Dear Mr xxxxx

Thank you for your email received today regarding the matter of renting your property to your daughter.

This arrangement would be acceptable from a housing point of view and we would have no issues with this at all, as long as it is done properly, as if it were a commercial tenancy.

If your daughter is struggling financially and not keeping up to date with the rent, she will at some point become homeless, whether it be for rent arrears or evicted because the Landlord no longer wishes to have her as a tenant. You have a solution which will suit all parties involved which will prevent your daughter and your grandchild from becoming homeless.

I also would not see a problem with this arrangement from a Housing Benefit point of view.
There are a few factors they have to check before awarding Housing Benefit on a property owned by a close relative, but your situation should be fine as long as you adhere to the following:

• You do not live with your daughter while she claims Housing Benefit when
living at your property.

• You do not use this arrangement to take advantage of the benefit system.

• The arrangement must impose the same conditions as a commercial
tenancy i.e. if rent arrears accrue then you would look to evict, as you would
do with any other tenant.... Read More

Dave Moore

10:55 AM, 24th June 2013
About 8 years ago

Letting to Family Member

Thanks for the responses - I can confirm that the Council have already agreed in writing that my daughter can rent my property and the rent will be paid directly into my bank account - not hers.
Regarding the advice given by Mark that I should offer the bank minimal information, unfortunately when I initially wrote to them asking for consent to let I did inform them that the tenant would be my daughter and that she is in receipt of housing benefit - that's what comes of being an honest chap!
I haven't completed the bank's application form yet and it's been over four months since they sent it to me so I'm wondering whether to risk not returning it at all - how would this affect the legality of obtaining Landlords insurance if I omit to disclose the banks interest?


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